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Bad weather coping/and question about gluten free diet
maryalc posted:
Hello all. I haven't posted for a long time, but this subject is a frequent problem for me. I don't have a solution, but can sympathize. I find damp cold to be the hardest. This illness has been with me for decades. In thinking about it, I would say, the best remedy is to be doing something I love as best I can to be distracted. Out with people who are stimulating and fun if possible is very good. If not, a good book or my needlepoint. Movement indoors also. Lately several mentions have been made to me about a gluten free diet being the " cure " for fibro, chronic fatigue, and other problems too numerous to mention. Does anyone have any experience with this actually being true other than celiac disease? I am well aware this is a major fad right now. Thank you one and all, Mary
booch007 responded:
You nailed it right on the head.....DISTRACTION is the best med I use. My meds take the edge off and the distraction can take me the furthest ......(not so during a flare but I do have my toolbox for those overwhelming moments)

I am gluten free for about 10 years now and it has not made much difference. It has definitely helped with hydration as i lived in the bathroom and there are those occasional contaminations (mistakes) and I am right in the bathroom after.

So no cure , but I want to inject that if the gluten sensitivity is fairly a new problem maybe it helps reset the body to norm. So I wouldn't discount someone getting their body in line.

It was 30 years of diarrhea and problems and wrong lable on my head that took it's toll on the chemistry I fight now. It is impossible to place the blocks just right now to build humpty dumpty back together.

SO, I live in distraction and projects and finding things to keep busy, laughter and joy are good for chemistry as well. Changing my attitude from being angry at this mess to saying I can live with it and dance with it has taken a long time.

I wish you well in this endevour............Nancy B

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