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I am from .....
fibrofran17 posted:
VENUS, and I have determined that that is why this body is not adjusting and working well here on earth lol. My assessment of my "condition" is as good an assessment/diagnosis I've gotten from a gazillion doctors/experts here...soo tired and losing my faculties slowly but surely. As they say here, "One hour at a time", God Bless us all
rosielou responded:
I hope you meant this to be funny because it made me laugh. Thank you for giving me a smile today!
booch007 responded:
I agree and it is so funny...My Mom used to say this all the time. I can't take so many meds or do what other people can. I (though she has been gone a long time now) believe she shared this condition I have and was quiet about alot of it.

Her fog was cobwebs in her head....she slept on the couch (memory foam cushions) had bursitis and rheumatism all the time and used Dristan to aid her in pains....and a little blue pill to clear the cobwebs.

That being said when they put me on Savella and I cannot tolerate much and what does it end up to be (A LITTLE BLUE PILL)..........Life is a circle and you have to have a sense of humor to good for you. Good post!!

Anyone who gets to know this condition as it is different eachday would think we are wacky, but we are JUST FINE keeping to ourselves!
Good luck on your path.....

Nancy B .
lb707 replied to booch007's response:
I have always said one day at a hour at a time sounds GOOD!

Always wondered why I could feel good and then all of sudden that feeling is gone.

Venus? LOL


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