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    Tuesday *****3/5/2013*****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC...where it is supposed to rain today off and on....I dread I am already hurting....I had another stressful day yesterday....was in court is sad that things happen and a person who has done nothing gets involved with so much crap...Never thought that I would have to have so much going on a one time. It is sad when a person has to wake up and check out the Sheriffs warrant department to see if these people are looking for family members...this has been my way of life since the first *incident* which took place with my daughter. None of my family members have ever been in any sort of trouble that we caused but a person can sure get caught up in the system, without doing anything at all. Is there a point to all of this? I have NO IDEA. Perhaps there might be. I hope we soon find out. Having these kinds of *issues* is no fun for any of us.

    It is also sad when those who are *in charge* of doing what is right....don't do their job in a professional and legal manner. Oh, I know sometimes people make mistakes....but to continue making them several times over. Enough on my soapbox.

    Here is hoping everyone had a good Monday and I hope we all have a good Tuesday as well.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM Support group. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. Learn all you can and do your own research on the wrath of the dragon, aka I am sure you will figure out the right combination of *tools and tips* that will make your life a bit less painful.

    Vitamin D...again I encourage those who have not talked to your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level checked to do so. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

    That's it....stay warm and stay safe.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Tuesday morning MiMi and all that follow my post.

    It's raining here now and I am guessing 'my' rain will be yours MiMi in just a few hours. I hate the rain too, but at least it's not snow. I hope the rain moves quickly thru your area like it's supposed to move thru Middle TN. We're in for warmer weather by weeks end and I am so ready for it.

    DH and I are hoping to put the plants out by week's end because of the warm up. I am so happy that the plants we brought in have done so well indoors this winter, but I will be glad to have them outside again. I bought a flowering plant in Florida last May that was only a few inches high, it's now 5 feet and it NEEDS to be out side. I also want to get the Passion Fruit vines out so they can grown. They can top 6 feet when fully matured.. but I will have to cut them back next October so they can come in for the winter. I've been told the vines will last 3 years and then die.. so I need to replant seeds for new vines each year. A lot of work but the fruit will be worth it. : ) yummm

    I also plan to get the hummingbird feeders out by month's end. It will be nice to have the little birds back. I do miss their busy zooming about. But I don't plan to put them all out just yet. I just want to put a few out now for those humming birds heading up north of us. DH and I will get all the feeders up by the middle of May when they little birds will come to stay in our area. Last season we had 40 or more humming birds in our back and front yard. This season we plan to put out the feeders in the back yard only. I hope this cuts down the bird count. It looked and sounded like a scene out of star wars last year with so many zooming in and out of our back pourch and yard. I just loved it!

    MiMi, I am so sorry that you have to deal with so much in the courts there. Just seems to me that the powers that be would see the case against your DD is fake and throw it out and go after him for filling these false complaints and toss him in jail and your DD could go after him for filling false claims against here. Just seems beyond unfair that at this happy time with your DGD back that you have to once again deal with such things as these court dates.

    I have be out in the rain today I have to go to the SS office here in town and try, once again, 5TH trip to take care of this over payment issue. I got paid to much last year from DH's SS account so owed the SS a whopping $204 dollars last July. Got the letter on 7/16 and went in on the 17TH and wrote a check for that amount to the SS. they gave me a recipt and I thought I was done with it. I didn't see the check clear for weeks, went back in they looked it up, said everything was okay. Weeks go by still not check clearing my bank.. Go back in and after 5 weeks I get a letter from SS saying they are taking two checks to pay them back! I go back in they say it's gokay but they'll call me if there's a problem. I get a call a week later, come in make out a new check.. I cancel the old one with many concerns that that it will find it's way into my bank and ' bounce'. Don't worry they say.. I write a new check.. it clears matter over. NO. DH gets a letter from SS saying their taking 204 out of his check to pay the 204 because of the bad check they got. So in I go this a.m. with paper in hand showing the second check paid the amount and why the heck is SS going after DH when it was my over payment??

    I also have to stop at the pharmancy to pick up more Gabapentin. I blew thru my 5 month script, 600mg of Gabapentin in 3 months , that I usually ' milk ' at 300 mg a day for 6-7 months. This winter I was taking the full 600 mg just to stay ' normal' . This has been a really bad fibro winter for me. Not sure why it's been so hard but it sure has.

    Let me close this here with feel well wishes for each of you. I hope your day is a good one and one that has no fibro issues or pain.
    Gentle hugs to each of you. Have a great day. Linda R
    dollbug replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Hello Linda .....I had to laugh when I read your post this morning....this is the *AMERICAN WAY*....our good system at its best....there is so much going on that the right hand DOES NOT KNOW what the left hand is doing....and this seems to apply to all government run agencies...I bet, we, the people, would be quite SHOCKED, to say the very least, if we knew the extent wo just how far this goes.

    COMMUNICATION AND TRAINING***** yes....I have decided that all kinds or errors and/or mistakes are the result of lack of communication and training. The sad thing is that NO ONE REALLY it only affects those who must deal with it. last point is does a person PROVE something that did not even happen????????

    Thanks for the laugh.

    Have a good day.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning Fmily,

    29* here Brrrrrr and I , either the heat got my nose during the night or a dreaded spider walked in my I had an awful time at 3 a.m. with sneezing and needing to blow and the left nose was suddenly all stuffed up. I am praying a spider was not in there!! (I hate those stories).

    I saw the rentinal specialist yesterday and this time he laid me down to exam the eye...(my nemesis L eye) NOW he says, you have some "pucker in there!" That is what I have een saying, it is tough to see. BUT I have got a trick right now and I am *living* with it....I just need to tilt to the right a bit and look towards the left and I see past the wrinkle in there....

    So, he says now that I DO surgery on the eye....but now, not so fast. I will wait. The other issues are on going but says they will get better...OH THIS GETTING OLD CRAP... . !

    Today I further my credentials at Columbia to wiork within their system and do correct data entry of patients. All along I said you are shooting yourself in the their feet hurt and they see they wasted my time and their's, not lettting me completely enter the patients in the charts.

    People who make the decisions at times are so stupid.....
    There is another thing I have NO priveledges in and that is major to what i do behind the scenes....wait til they see that just stops as I can't assist!! It is so sad .


    I had major issues yesterday with my neck, it started from clapping at the concert...a trigger for sure..I did all my tools short of a shower...I took extra (2x) the meds and no help, went for a 30 minute little help and then added 600mg of Motrin and felt a bit better and back to the heat collar I have.

    B A D........I took an added Valium 5 and went to bed at 9pm.

    Awake with soreness but more mobility today, I took a shower and washed the hair as my therapy and I think it will break today.

    I can't believe how my Left got into so much trouble.....I also gave poor Madelyn a Heimlich Maneuver at the deli with her breakfast...she had choked on a peice of orange. She was blue. Always a nurse, always a nurse. Then went over the what if's with mom and Dad if they ever have to do this.....
    what to watch for after or if she lost consciousness and I had to go further.

    Scary....and with her little vocabulary I swear in the mummbling and crying she said die....and i said yes, you could have died...CHEW YOUR FOOD!!!!

    I usually watch every bit of her...but we were all talking.

    So she is not 2 yet and she has had poison control called twice and stitches by a pastic surgeon and now a heimlich.....WHAT IS TO COME.......

    OK off to my classes. It is good to push yourself to learn something different.

    BTW: heard Caprese is home and Pat was with her and things sound and thanks to all who lifted her up during the frightening time............

    Take care today and be safe., Nancy B
    dollbug replied to booch007's response:
    OMG....Nana sorry about Madeyn getting choked....this is not a good thing at daughter one time got choked on something and my DH was there to get it out....scared me to death...this was the only time it younger son swallowed a thumb tack and a straight pin when he was 15 months old....OMG...what an ordeal this was.

    We never know what we are going to be faced with....and there are some things which we are never prepared matter what.

    Nana B....remember also that no one can ever fix *STUPID*....what is very sad about this is when those who are in charge of doing what is *FAIR AND JUST* make decisions which allow good people to become *victims of crimes*....and this does happen....probably a lot more than anyone thinks.

    I hope today will be a good day for you. I hope you feel better soon.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    dollbug replied to dollbug's response:
    Sorry I did not proof read my post....I misspelled Madelyn....sometimes I just do not pay attention....I think my fingers do one thing and my brain does another, which is not always a good thing.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    angelswife responded:
    Hi Mimi!

    Still battling the flare---it moderated for a while this morning; then it came roaring back again. That dratted monthly "visitor" is refusing to actually arrive! It's a pain when that happens, because the flare doesn't quit. I am SO ready for it to be over!

    We are getting ready for the next snow event. It starts tomorrow...It will be a 2-3 day thing; but they can't predict exactly how much snow we'll get. It will be anything from a dusting to a couple of feet, depending on the storm track. I am beyond ready for spring and would prefer no snow at all.

    The financial stress continues...Today Husband's company told him he needs to cut an additional HALF HOUR A DAY from his bus run so they can supposedly stay within budget. This translates to an income loss of $140 a month, omg. It will also drop Husband's hours low enough that he will no longer qualify for benefits; and I suspect that's the real motive behind the company's request. Husband is one of three tenured drivers with almost full coverage; and after this he will no longer be eligible. Neither will I. I am good at balancing a budget, but this is getting ridiculous. How in the hell are we supposed to live?

    On the bright side, I made a huge kettle of beef-barley-vegetable soup this morning. I'm waiting for it to cool, and then I'll stick it in the freezer. After that I'll take a nap so I have energy enough for dinner. I am really dragging today!
    fibroinsd responded:
    Good Afternoon.

    Oh much to deal so sorry...I wish I could clear up this mess with my magic wand..

    And lucky you were there to save sweet little Madelyn...I hope she learns to chew carefully!..

    Linda..I hope this newest storm that is headed east stays away and you get to put your plants out...hopefully this is the last winter storm...the poor out Nancy and Sharon..hope it isn't too bad..

    Sharon.I am sure they are trying to get rid of paying health benefits..that is what they do one working full time...only part timers...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...I hope you can find a way to make this work..

    I went to try and renew my credential on-line today and I hit the wrong button..and now have to figure out how to pay the charges..what a mess now..and so hard to get to a "live" person to talk to...I had to send an e-mail..and now I hope they will respond quickly..

    I feel really tired today..think things are catching up with I am spending some times trying to get things cleaned up around here..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    mnjeepguy responded:
    It looks as though everyone is dealing with a lot today. I hope tomorrow is better for all of you all.

    My pain is high the last few days. I don't think I have stood up straight in a while. All of my usual tough spots are acting up. I think the big storm we were on the edge of did not help at all. I did manage to get Friday off. I have had two six day weeks in a row so this will be welcome.

    . I had to do snow removal after work but it was only 5" or so with some drifting. It took everything I had to finish today. The body is fed up.

    I am off to bed so a short post tonight, take care everyone.


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