Recently Diagnosed
JLabensky2013 posted:
Hi! I recently was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I was perscribed prozac for the daytime and nortriptyline for sleeping. Has anyone ever took that combo before? did it work/help? I also have Hep C and went thru treatment and ended 2 years ago succesfully however it spiked FM and CF to come about. Has anyone heard of this happening?? any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
BetteK responded:

Fibromyalgia treatment is in its infancy. No one really knows what will work for any given patient. That said, the usual first treatment is some kind of andidepressant in a much milder dose than that used for true depression.

Often a doctor will pair up two medication to allow one to help your brain register less pain and the other to help you sleep and have less fatigue. You should know within about 6 to 8 weeks how the meds you are taking work for you.

If you should have any intollerable side effects during this time period, call your doctor's office immediately. If it's the weekend, check with your pharmacist. Be sure to read the infor that came with your meds and be on the lookout for anything the handout said was important.

I hope that this combination can help your pain level and help you get some rest. If it is not the right combination, your doctor has many others to choose from. It's just trial and error. You and your doctor both need patience. During this time, decide whether you can work with this doctor, get on good terms with the nurse and receptionist. Become the patient who is always pleasant to staff. Then if you ever need special treatment--an appointment TODAY for example--you might just get it.

JLabensky2013 replied to BetteK's response:
Thank You so much for your reply!