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    TGIF****ROLL CALL*****3/8/2013*****
    dollbug posted:
    TGIF****and a good morning to each of you. MiMi in NC...and it is chilly, no it is COLD this morning again. I am so ready for warmer weather...Spring must be getting closer now...regardless of the weather that we are having. I can hardly wait. I think we just might all feel better once we have the sun providing us with more heat and of course then we can enjoy the good ole natural Vitamin D again as well.

    OMG****I get to see my granddaughter again. I can hardly wait. I had to go through the things that I have gotten her over the years and sort them out. A lot that she can not use now as she has outgrown them. I also washed some of her new things and they are ready to go to her room at her dad's house. She has a nice room waiting for her. And the closet will have clothes in it for her also. I also found her a set of cuddl duds as well...I think she will like them. So tomorrow we will have her again for 4 hours...I am anxious to ask her if she has started to school again. I am worried about her getting behind.

    Yesterday my son and grandson went on a chase looking for incident reports which supposedly filed about my daughter's situation...the lunatic lied. There are no report indicating anything. I wonder just why people think that they can put people through such as he has and get by with it? He must be a mental case and even has the system fooled. OMG...I can not even imagine. He did not show up with any evidence either at the DA Office. Does this not prove something to someone? we wasted our day. But at least this part is done.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better...learn all you can since the more you know the better you will is indeed a process and it takes time and effort. Hang in here with us, ask questions and share what you know about the wrath of the dragon, aka FM.

    Vitamin very important....ask your doctor to check this. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

    Each Friday we have TGIF ROLL CALL...we invite everyone to check in and update the FMily on whatever you care for us to know...I know that a lot of going on with some of our members here...I hope things get better for each of you. We all must continue to have a positive attitude, which will go a very longgggg way. I can say for sure just how important this can be. I am so thankful for the blessings which my family have been given. Things are finally looking up. Still having issues and we have to deal with them as well...but at least part of them are now resolved, for now anyway.

    Life is never like we expect it to be. My daughter reminds me a lot to *lower your expectations*....and then you will NOT be disappointed. This is not my normal way though. I expect people to do what is right and just. does not always happen like this. I tend to try to find the good in things...and as we all know, that is not the case either.

    Regardless, we still have to deal with whatever we are faced with. I often wonder IF there is a lesson to be learned on the things that are thrown our way. Coping with life is sometimes real difficult to do...especially when you know things are NOT RIGHT.

    That's all has been a quiet week....I am thankful...perhaps it will continue....I can hope and pray that it does anyway.

    Have a GREAT Friday.....stay safe and stay warm.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    Oh Wow... I am so tired... I am sure I will be correcting often here... lol... I know I should have relaxed and went to bed after my company left last night... Instead I was all excited and on a manic high and took my son Richie out for Chinese.... That was an experience... Watching someone eat octopus and raw fish... And I filled myself up on shrimp and tried to eat my first crab leg... It kinda stinky... lol... And my son said it wasn't cooked right... It was too dry... So I didn't really get enough down to see if I liked it... I didn't like the smell... And I didn't like looking at the tiny octopus... It was sorta cute in a deranged sort of way LOL LOL... i had the urge to touch it... but it just remained an urge... I didn't get brave enough to touch it lol...

    They made me a last batch of shrimp about closing time and I ended up bringing 7 home... I must have eaten about 30... They commented I had a good shrimp appetite lol... I love my shrimp lol... And then had Strawberry-Glazed-Banana's for desert... What a luxury... LOL... MMM...

    I then had too much energy to sleep... So I sat and talked to my oldest son... Who is upset with me... My attitude has been rough on him and his has been clashing with me.. I am, going to run away from home to my best friends house for a night or two and give it all a rest...

    I haven't slept yet... I am finally running on empty... I did dishes at 3 in the morning... I needed to burn the energy up... And now I am beat up enough to sleep I hope... I am pretty sure I can... I have been dozing on and off for the past half an hour lol... Mow watch... I will lie down and the lights will come on bright again lol... 3 minutes and they are off to school and work... I shall soon join my lazy little Angel... My hyper little chiwawa lol,,,

    So I will catch you all later... Stay warm... Don't forget to do something special for yourselves today... A bubble bath... By candle light... Read a bit... Watch a favorite movie... Anything just for you... Maybe for you and your Mrs/Mr Right...

    Take care... My 3 minutes are long up... LOL... Off to slumber-land I go... lol...

    Love... Jan/Dakota
    katmandulou responded:

    It's still snowing here in southeastern MA, we've got about 4" overnight. Some nearby towns will have 12-18" by the time it's over. DH says the dog wants to go out every half-hour or so, I'm glad he's taking her (he's working from home today), and not me!

    My C-scopy was successful, nothing out of the ordinary,and I now have a 10 year warranty. LOL There was no blockage (which he suspected) so I see him in a couple of weeks to discuss regulation.

    MiMi, I'll bet you're breathless with anticipation of seeing your DGD. I hope she doesn't feel overwhelmed by your love. It 's obvious that your DD is being victimized, let the truth prevail and all will be well.

    Jan, I'm a shrimp lover too. If it weren't snowing, I'd make DH take me to the local seafood restaurant for my shrimp dinner. Yeah, it's fried and bad for me, but sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do!

    I wish you all the best Friday - and the best weekend - you ca possibly have!
    dollbug replied to katmandulou's response:
    Hello glad that your test came out good. It is good to know that things are ok. I know that I have gotten behind in some tests that I need. I have not had the energy or the time to schedule them. I know that I should...perhaps I will soon. So much has consumed my brain recently. Too much of an overload.

    I am so thrilled that my son has been given his rights to see my granddaughter....I would not wish what we have been through on is so very sad that so much time has been lost...never to be regained. As I went through the little clothes that I had bought in the past few was really very sad.

    As for my daughter and her DH.....I feel completely there is nothing that I can do to help them. What is sad is the fact the the system *failed to do what should have been done* is sad when someone can make false accusations and it is left up to the *innocent* to deal with. There is something really very WRONG with this. It is indeed a form of abuse. It is sad when BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE....and they are actually the VICTIMS****

    I want to add here also....I love shrimp....but I can not eat anything *FRIED* anymore. But I love both the hot and cold shrimp. I know it is not good for you though. I also love lobster...but it is too expensive for me to have it.

    I hope everyone has a good day as well.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    katmandulou replied to dollbug's response:
    Sorry, I had to reply, MiMi... you said you've "gotten behind in some tests" LOL I've never been so obsessed with poop in my life!
    fibroinsd responded:
    Lou...glad the test is over and came out well... glad you are getting another weekend with DG..I know you will have a wonderful time..yes..if we can get this thing with your daughter straightened out..and people that file false reports should pay a price for it..

    Oh my...we had a terrible storm come through here last night..tons of rain..snow in the mountains...It poured and the poor ol backyard is a mess...and I couldn't sleep through was up most of the night..

    I went to work today..and now I am exhausted..but I do need to go over and walk the treadmill..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    BetteK replied to katmandulou's response:
    Lou, now you don't have to have another colonoscopy for another 10 years. Isn't it wonderful that THOSE cancers are so slow to grow!
    I have had the test done at 39, 49, 59, and 69. Why so early? I had some heavy rectal bleeding at 39 (caused by antibiotics from the pneumonia I had 9 times)
    1. My mom was one of 12 children. Every one of them has had some kind of digestive cancer. Of the 10 who are gone now, I wonder how many would be alive if colonoscopies were standard way back when.
    2. My sister has a condition called Barrett's esophagus. It is a precancerous condition that narrows the esophagus. They dialate her every so often.
    As you know, it's not the colonoscopy that's a pain, it's the horrible prep. Oh, well, think of it as one of those "cleanses" the real health nuts are always talking about.

    Isn't it wonderful to haved some good news to talk about here!

    BetteK responded:

    You just don't seem like a "lower expectations" kind of person. That's why your daily posts are such a wonderful part of this site.

    Having your granddaughter back in your life is wonderful. You are so lucky to have this next generation to love. (And maybe to spoil--just a little bit every now and then?)

    I keep hoping my older son (the one who did NOT treat himself to a vasectomy for his 18th birthday) will someday have a family--built by love whether from the egg up or by marrying someone with children--for us all to love. Hey, he's 42. The "girl" he is seeing has a grown daughter. I may get step-greatgrandchildren yet. And be joyous about the whole thing.

    It's wonderful that someone who has helped us all so much is at a happy time finally.

    Love to all,

    dollbug replied to BetteK's response:
    Hello BetteK....I just wanted to clarify what I put in my post. I have always expected people to do what is the right thing, which I thought was what most people do anyway. Well, over the years I have found at that there are lots of people who DO NOT do this and some of them do not even come close, especially within our good ole government system. I think that time actually makes this to be so very true. I raised our children in a Christian home and always did what was in their best interest. I always taught them right from wrong. I always looked for the best in people.

    There are all kinds of very weird and strange people in this world though, which I have discovered over the years.

    And I think, as we all know, this generation is really very different from all of the rest. For some reason, there are now a lot of people who no longer have good morals, standards, values and too little many more aspects of life.

    It is sad that our country has come to this but it is indeed so very true. And the sad part of this is people can no longer TRUST anyone....period.

    I can only hope and pray that things will somehow get better for our grandchildren and those who will someday be running the country. At this time though we do not have good role models for the future generation to follow....which is indeed very sad to me.

    Changes need to be made and it takes more than just a few people to make them. But it is what it is for now.
    I will continue to have faith though that something indeed will happen for the good of all people and for the good of our country. That's about all anyone can do.

    Take care.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    BetteK replied to dollbug's response:

    The world is a frightening place. It is full of bad things. It is full of good things. It is full of bad people. It is full of good people. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference.

    I grew up in the part of NJ that was settled by the Dutch. The little country churches were mostly Dutch Reformed--now the Reformed Church in America. It's small enough that we used Sunday School materials from the Baptists instead of printing our own. It was a faith built on lovingkindness. And yet that same faith, transported to South Africa instead of NJ and the Hudson Valley grew into Apartheid!

    A gentle acceptance of all of God's children was perverted and used to enslave those who did not look like the Dutch settlers. It was warped, perverted, and turned into something evil.

    We called our pastor Dominee. I asked Dominee Smith about how a faith shared by us could be used for such evil. Dominee Daniel Upham Smith got this sad smile on his dear face and said, "Evil people see evil everywhere. They can forget that God loves us all and actually believe that the Good Lord loves them just a little more than he loves their neighbors. They feel that they are therefore better than others, more righteous. Because they are more righteous they deserve special treatment. They feel entitled, superior.
    In fact, they are only prideful, lacking in the true spirit of love.
    And this is the true root of evil. Believing that God loves you more."

    I will never forget this explaination. God loves us all. Remember the prodigal. Remember the lost sheep. Remember the little children. Forget your human pride. Remember to love.

    Then you can keep your eyes wide open and still trust in the fact that even those who have betrayed trust, betrayed love, betrayed all that is good are loved just as much by out Father.

    Think on it.


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