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    Hubby says I look like an old hag, and he's right!
    BetteK posted:
    This has been a wierd week. The nerve blocks helped. Pain is lower.

    BUT. . . .

    I feel terrible. Irritable bowel syndrome is going through it's cycles. Super fatigue. No energy whatsoever. No sleep in 8 days. Other than Monday at the hospital for nerve blocks and a quick trip to the market for food, I've spent the week in bed. (Along with those trips to the bathroom, of course.)

    My hair and skin are lifeless. My mouth feels like it is full of cotton.
    I cannot really think. Even my favorite books--the ones I save to re-read in times of flares cannot keep me distracted.

    Honestly, I haven't felt like this with EVERYTHING going wrong at once since 2000. And of course, I look like I'm half dead.

    Which hubby was more than happy to tell me! Of course.

    The brain fog is really bad. I'm also dizzy when I stand up, so I do it slowly--probably postural hypotension. And all the while my mind is racing but making no sense, not following a conscious thread, if you know what I mean. It's like channel-surfing on the TV without getting interested in anything.

    This usually means migranes for me. They start soft and small with undecernable thumps that get stronger and louder with each heartbeat until they are POUND. . .POUND. . . POUND. . . POUND. . . . No visual disturbances, just the pounding of blood in my head. They hurt! They really hurt.

    So, if I don't get to post for a day or two, you'll know it's the migranes.
    Or maybe the IBS. Or maybe the fibrofog. Or, wait, I may have jumped onto my broomstick and flown away like all the other hags!

    booch007 responded:
    MAN this is screaming DEHYDRATED.........

    IBS and being in bed, you are NOT drinking enough, so when you stand you are getting postural hypotension and making you dizzy......the luster of the skin is so "there" when you are hydrated...Your ability to not be sluggish and less foggy is better hydrated.

    If you nearby I'd give you an IV, but it takes time doing it by mouth. Don't think that if your drink 8 glasses of water today you have met your match...........your kidneys will dump excess in the vasculars system for a while before it really sneaks in and gets to the tissue level. My physiatrist said it takes 60 days to change your chemistry...I will say the same.

    I never realized with all my education how dehydrated I was till he got nme rehydrated. I hold water much better now and my skin has never been better.

    It wasn't my whole answer to feel better but it defenitely helped the muscles to stretch and function better for me. B I G.

    Good luck and please start getting fluids into you. Probably each BM is a glass of water over the normal input....poor body, working without lubrication....even your tongue is talking to you!!

    Hope you feel better soon.....maybe use a bit of gatorade for a bit to get the electrolytes better. Nancy B
    ajnsmom replied to booch007's response:
    Dehydration is exactly what I was going to post in my reply! I had that cotton mouth, dizzyness, etc and wound up passing out and having to go to the hospital for an IV. That was last year. Ever since, I'm more careful to stay hydrated.

    franr responded:
    Dear Bette

    Sory you are feeling so poorly. But I know how you feel. You may have to go to the ER for a Bolus of fluids and have your potassium checked. Take it from someon e who knows. They need to run blood test they can tell right away. Hope you are feel better and keepus updated. Fran
    BetteK replied to franr's response:
    Thank you everyone! Today, with the sun out and the temperature closer to spring here in WNY, I forced myself to get a move on. The migranes are comparatively mild yet. The last time they surfaced, it took several months of gradual buildup until they were at their worst.

    I do take potassium along with a calcium/ magnesium/vitamin
    D pill and a multivitamin daily. I do drink plenty of fluids and have ice water with me at all times.

    Hubby will grill London Broil for supper. Of course, he invited company. At least there is bagged salad and frozen vegetables for us now. Imagine what it must have been like back in the bad old days.

    With the good weather, I forced myself to go outside. It was 1/4 mile uphill and 1/4 mile back downhill for my walk on our country road. (Actually the hard part was getting to the road, maneuvering across the patches of ice and mud in the front yard.)

    Do you know that refrain, "This is the day that the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." I tried. I really tried. But it's awfully hard to rejoiced when it hurts to stand, walk, sit, and--with the corticostal muscles acting up--even breathe.
    Throughout my walk, I felt like a horrible ingrate. Here I was given the gift of a beautiful, almost perfect day, and all I could do was complain to myself about how rotten I felt. What a waste of of marvelous pre-spring Sunday!

    Hope you all are able to enjoy this day as it should be enjoyed.

    booch007 replied to BetteK's response:
    Bette you are too hard on yourself. A pity party is enjoyed by all of us here. We need them regularly. Walking that much was not neccisarily what you needed, JUST BEING OUT in the SUN is great for the spirit and soul.

    On a chair near the house to really catch the warmth and rays. Mmmmm I am enjoying just writing about it.

    It is so hard to feel lousy all the time and find a sense of humor, or a smile, or see joy inthe day. It will and can happen. It takes time to turn your glasses around a bit.

    A **rose colored ones** in the house??

    When I have been in a flare and in trouble i give it two days of my time and then get my mind mind before my body, then the body follows. I can remeber going out too soon and got "stuck:" in the store and couldn't walk anymore. Legs just stopped. The clerk got me what i needed and I left to the car....tearful, and pissed at the same time. But lesson learned.

    Small steps...small steps. Mimi says pace. It is law I still haven't mastered but I try so hard to keep going with what I am doing.

    Today I can't do much...I have been in trouble all week and didn't stop, so my muscles will not reset if I don't give them time. I have had my hot pak on and off, took my meds, napped and watched some TV.....I hung up some clothes for the new closets, but that is it. I am not cooking and I am not doing any labor. R E S T is my mantra today.

    May you get your pace mojo in place soon and know when you get that good day...start from there and take it slow.

    Hugs for this day, Nancy B

    It is lovely in NY right now, I agree.....we are so ready for spring...
    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    Dear Betty,
    I am so sorry to hear all you are going through. Remember that beauty comes from within. Right now your husband does not sound to be pretty at all. When you are hurting and feel terrible, do not waste your energy on worring if you look pretty or not. We all have bad times when we feel terrible. None of us look pretty during those times unless we somehow force oursleves to. I myself learned not to care. I would rather do things that will help me to feel better. From reading your post I know you are a caring person. That makes you beautiful in my eyes and I am sure those who love you will think so too.

    Soft hugs,
    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    BetteK replied to debrabrooks1960's response:
    Oh, thank you so much--all of you. Sometimes a post does feel like Debbie's soft hugs. This was one of those times.

    Darn IBS is back along with the bladder urges. No major migranes yet . . . A boon!

    All the muscles are tense and knotted, but I think the trigger to all this is that the central pain and instigator of my FM, osteoarthritis at L-4, has spread throughout the lumbar spine. There is no comfortable way to hold myself up any more. Something is always "out of whack."

    I suppose I should be grateful that the arthritis waited 42 years to expand its horizons. Maybe tomorrow, I'll practice being magnanamous. Or maybe not.

    Thank you all for your care and concern,


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