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is it still related to FMS, or should i get in my drs office?
tooleyka posted:
hello, i am new to this forum, i was diagnosed with FMS 9 years ago, i have lost over 100 pounds in the last year and have revamped my health, i have always had lower back pain related to FMS but today the pain was so severe when standing up from kneeling down that i literally passed out at the gym , and then when at home i was standing and took a breath and the pain again was soooo severe that i got dizzy and started to black out, i dont thin that it is still related but... could it be?
booch007 responded:
Pain can drop heart rate and I have seen people pass out.

Sounds like a muscle in the lower back or rib area....keep yourself hydrated and maybe give your doc a call on Monday to let him know.

Almost all normal strain muscles will fix them selves in a few weeks with rest.

Congratulations on the weight loss and getting yourself in line better. This is a tough thing to get in line though.

We have all tried every avenue available....but with only small steps forward. They say it is with us forever...

Good luck with this bump in the road...Nancy B

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