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    Monday ****Monday ****3/11/2013 ****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC...trying to recoup from losing the hour from the time change....and hour should NOT make such a BIG deal....but I am really feeling the loss this morning....the furbabies woke up too darn early and then Harley is here and she had to get up as well. I have her here for the week. Anyway...I hope things get better today....DH is home and getting ready to do the yearly fundraiser. I think we will be going to get a pork chop sandwich today as well. Every so often this is a *treat* for both of us. I am looking forward to this. There is also a Christmas shop that I like to browse in as well.

    So we had a nice week-end with lots of sunshine. Someone gave my younger son a trampoline and the boys played in it for a while. I hope they will be really careful as I have read so many things can happen with them. I had wanted to actually get them one until I read up on the danger that they can bring. Not a good thing at all. But I am reminded that there are many things in life which can or might bring danger...which is so right. seems like here recently we have been exposed to a lot without doing anything at all. It is sad when someone makes waves and causes so much expense and hurt for someone who has done nothing. I have to wonder IF we are supposed to learn a lesson from such.

    Sometimes I think that life is just a game....and it just depends on how good you are at playing it. I guess we are learning quite well. It is either play the game to survive or die trying. Not really funny either at doing this sometimes.

    Here is hoping everyone had a good week-end with lots of sunshine. I am so ready for springtime to arrive and bring warmer weather. It is now just days before it arrives. The birds are slowly returning from wherever they have been for the winter. I am assuming that they fly south.

    Welcome to the new members here. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. It does take time and effort. There are no quick fixes that I am aware of. SO if you happen to have one...please share it with the rest of us as I am sure others would like to know.

    Vitamin D....I continue to mention just how important Vitamin D might be for some people....low Vitamin D does cause additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well. This is a simple blood test...but you MUST ASK the doctor to check it is not included in the normal bloodwork that the doctors do. I often wonder just how much money could be saved IF insurance companies would include this in the *normal bloodwork*. I guess it really does not matter to them one way or another though.

    For the new members as well...check our the info here under *tips* and *resources*...and be sure to read the *member toolbox* I am sure you will find some good *tools and tips* which might help you cope better.

    Learning how to pace, pace and pace even more is an important step in dealing with the wrath of the dragon as well.
    As Nana B must learn to dance with the dragon, instead of draggin the dragon.

    That's all folks. Enjoy the day.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    booch007 responded:
    Morning Mimi and fily,

    Got some Vit D yesterday, despite the morning pain (which is substantial for me right now) I got in the shower after mads and then out the door into the sun and warmer air (for NY). I ran to Kohls again and then to the deli for the ST. Pat's parade for our town......the biggest party you would ever want to go to!!

    My Grands were on my lap and I brought pom pom's to use instead of clapping! (got to be inventful). We needed to cover the ears a few times with the dang firetrucks and police sirens...but Olivia loved it all. Alpaka's and ther big Irish breed dogs.....we have walking leprechuans that throw out a coupon for a free sandwach as a gold coin*** cute. They walk along side OUR float. Good stuff.........

    (Then I walk around with a bag and help clean up the trail that peple leave behind, this year not as bad as last......But I can't leave the place looking like that.)

    Today I get my shots (first thing) then the construction starts, I have plans to fix our bathtub while they are doing their thing....
    NOT TODAY though. I am in such bad shape from last weeks clapping that I am OFF today. Shots and rest.. I am due...

    I have off Mon, Tues and Wed and will be needing about a week to put all the crap back...BUT I will be organised and wise.....IT WILL LOOK GREAT when it is done.

    I can't believe I have gone all this time now with my chlothes all over the place (about 3 weeks now) Hard to make an outfit, good that I wear scrubs 90% of the week.......

    OK, I need to make a letter for the neurologist. My trigger and where the week has gone since (3 days of sleeping in a recliner etc.) I think I even chipped a tooth from grinding my teeth which I don't do normally but the neck tension is so great right now it makes me, plus I upped the savella for 2 days and that can do it too.

    May today be sunny for most of you, get out in the fresh air despite the pain...B R E A T H E in fresh air and get distracted. Some are probably saying she is a nut...I can't move what is distraction going to do....."you will be surprised" will return to the pain again when you get back, and need to medicate but the window of wellness and time out will pay off.

    This really is a dance, dance in life as Mimi just said, or a dance with our dragon despite the teeth he owns.....despite the compromises you have made with him. What does that comercial say....(a machine in motion stays in motion, IT IS TRUE. I see some 80y/o moving better then me, I take their lessons seriously!!

    (((((soft hugs))))) for a brighter day today, Nancy B
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Monday morning MiMi, Nancy and all.

    Was supposed to be warm and sunny yesterday, simi on both. Won't be getting any Vit D3 here today as it is winter dreary by any standard. It's a rainy morning here but will move on this afternoon. And not much chance of much D this weeks as it's going to be cloudy and cooler this week as well. I guess the plants, that just went out, will have to come back in or covered.

    I have to run over to WalMart for a couple of things today but think for the most part I am staying in doors. I have to be out of the house tomorrow for a couple of hours. I have an early morning appointment with my ENT doctor, bi yearly, and then onto helping with the lunch for seniors, so think I'll stay in today while it's raining.

    DH spent a happy yesterday watching his new TV. ( We went to church Saturday evening. ) He has a Bose surround sound system in the TV room ( as well as our bedroom. ) so of course while he had on the NASCAR race it was on too, and OUCH, loud. He then went out and rented the movie Life of Pi in 3D and that was amazing to watch. Besides being a great story / read the film was beautifully done. The colors are amazing. If you get a chance to rent it, it really is worth the prices of the rental.

    MiMi, the time went ahead one hour on Saturday. So I thought that we didn't lose an hour, so I believe we got an extra hour now to use during the spring and summer time. We lose that hour come November.
    And yes life is a game and sometimes an unfair one. I like to think God is the referee and sometimes he calls um as he sees um. Not fair a lot of the times, but it's all a lesson that helps us with the next stage.

    NANCY, glad you are getting your shots this a.m. I know how much they help you. My grandmother slept in a chair for the last 30 years of her life, I never learned why she did that. As for the neck pain I so understand how you feel. I am seeing the ENT tomorrow and the first thing I'm asking for is tests for my neck. I am sure it's causing me the headaches I've been dealing with these past few months.

    I guess I'll close this and get ready to make my run to WalMart. S am sending feel well <<< HUGS >>> to everyone. Have a GREAT day.
    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    katmandulou responded:

    Cool and sunny here, in the 40s and should be nice all week. I'm hating the clock change too, I slept 'til almost 10 yesterday and today! I'll head out later for some of Mother Nature's Vit D.

    DH has the day off, so we went to a new local restaurant for brunch, hence the Yummm! I had an awesome belgian waffle with banana walnut topping; he had an omelette that looked pretty tasty with chorizo, homefries and cheese in it. We would have walked, but the sidewalks are still in rough shape, maybe next time.

    Making today a short one at the computer, maybe he'll take be out for dinner too... LOL Wishing you all the best day you can possible have,
    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    Rainy day here in North Florida. At least it is not cold. I just got from visiting my Mom in Tampa. This trip was my first driving the 5 and half hours by myself. I actually enjoyed it. Mom and I went to Olive Garden. The food was so good! It was so much fun having three days to spend with her. She loved getting out of the house. She has 24 hour nursing care at her home since my younger brother passed away. She does not get to get out often.
    Mimi: Did you know if you have a trampoline in your yard that your home owners insurance can cancel on you? I had a friend that it happened to her. She had to give a brand new trampoline away to keep her home owner's insurance from being cancelled.
    I hope all is going well for everyone. Spring is almost here. I see flowers are just starting to pop up and the trees are starting to bloom. I love spring! Soft hugs to all.

    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening everyone. This Monday wasn't too bad but it was a boring work day. I had taken Thurday and Friday off to recharge. I missied out on some big breakdaown and they were nice enough to not call me in.

    Once home I went outside to replace the back springs on my Jeep. One had broken.I have done this job in an hour before but the Jeep had different plans. My drivieway is almost flat and gravel, but snow covered. It is my shop, no garage yet. So I jacked it up the way I normally do, respecting hazards, chocking the wheels, and almost ready to put the jackstands under it. Due to the snowy and icey driveway, it decided to spit the jack out and tip over toward me. This buried the brake caliper in the snow. I am smart enough to stay out of harms way but it startled me. I grabbed a second jack and used the two to lift until safely on the stands.

    The task ended up taking me 2 hours. Not terrible, but I took extra time to be more careful. I usually to like just being outside tinkering, but not so much in the winter anymore.

    I headed in and heated up some of the wifes excellent chicken and dumplings for the boys and I so I felt a bit better:)

    Trampoline incidents are number 2 in homowners insurance claims if I recall. That's why insurers don't like them. I have seen some very safe ones with mesh cages around them. The open ones can be dangerous, and all of them if not adult supervised.

    It's a shame so many things we did as kids are taboo these days. I rode my bike if I was awake until about 18 when I finally got my liscense. I never did wear a helmet, I learned not to land on my head.

    My back still being an issue, I called to get a script for Flexerill renewed once. This is from the mediocre on call Dr. He is always the one on call for a reason. My primary is impossible to see withought planning days or weeks ahead so wen my back goes out I have to see him or drive 30 miles to the next town. I didn't get a yes or a no. I would even accept a no. No reply at all. I'm just trying to function. Very frustrating to get good care when we pay so much for it. I will have to call the Dr's nurse even though their phone message propts you to call the pharmacy for renewalls.

    I still had a fruitfull day. My children were great, I got a lot of things done, and tomorrow is a new day. Take care everyone.


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