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a few things that might help
ShoshiBerk posted:
Hi Everyone,

I've had this most of my adult life and it's only in the past two years that it's become unmanagable though it's always hurt.

I take liposomic C, 6 grams a day, which, because of it's formulation, is like taking about 24 grams a day. It works as a anti oxidant and helps with what my doc calls oxidative stress. That causes pain and the C helps a lot. Without it I can't leave the apartment.

I'm on a mercury detox (or trying to be, its hard for me) and I take a million supplements. I'm seeing a specialist in Sac, Dr. Michael Powell. If you are anywhere nearby I'd recommend him.

My blood test indicate that my killer t cells are at 5% of optimal and I have a viral load. I figure this is true for most fibro patients. If you go to my doctors site you can probably figure out what tests you need.

Today I'm terrible (skin pain, huge) but other days I am better. Treatment has made a difference. I also take medical mj to sleep.

Good luck to you all.

BetteK responded:

Sounds like you are on top of things. Isn't it wierd and difficult to explain how things that don't bother normal people can be devistating to us!

Mercury toxicity is one of those things that is so controversial. Sometimes people look at you as if you're off your nut. I brought the subject up with my dentist once, (I am the baker's daughter with fillings to prove it.) and he said that the fillings in my teeth were safer where they were than they would be during the removal process.

I believe that there is a viral component to FM. It is one of the things that triggers all the changes in our bodies. After all viruses (viri?) cause some precancerous changes in cells, why not changes towards fibromyalgia?

Skin pain is awful, isn't it? After all, skin COVERS the body--the whole body. It's everywhere. I have found that I need to keep my arms and legs covered with a smooth fabric that has no "pills" on it. The tiniest little bump on the fabric's lining seems to bother me.

It sure makes tomorrow become a bag full of surprises! You never know what will pop up.

booch007 responded:
Good morning.

FM patients do not have viral loads...what else is going on with you? Viral loads are done in hepatitis and other immune challenged things.

What is the specialty of this MD you see. I am curious.

I think detoxifying and working with oxidative stress is a very good thing for everyone, just hard to comply with.

We are so chemically out of allignment that there is a major challenge for anyone to begin the process, not that it can't get better and your body is just real tough with trial and error.

Glad you have something and someone that helps.Nancy B

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