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A funny thing happened on the way to the B-12
BetteK posted:
Our elderly neighbor was deficient in B-12. Our friendly neighborhood doctor had me in with the genteleman to learn how to give him his shots. It was simple and no trouble at all.

Doctor Dan looked up at me and said, "Bette you have skin cancer." Whoa! Where did this come from? I'm in the office at least monthly. No mention of the big C. Now, I've suddenly got skin cancer.

Well, we did a biopsy which came back negative, but Dan wasn't satisfied and sent me to the dermatologist. Small shiny spot in crease of nose/cheek junction was basal cell carcinoma. Out it came.

Of course, that meant yearly checkups. Everything was fine.

Until the sixth year. Back it was. And then I was sent to the derma's
derma. They did MOH's surgery, where they mark the skin and can tell just where each part of the biopsied skin came from. They check the edges of their sample and make sure there are no stray cancer cells anywhere that might have been left behind. That way they were able to go back to my face and remove skin just from the area where the edge of the biopsied skin was not normal.

I still go back every year. There was another basal cell carcinoma on the very tip of my nose. It's long gone. I'm cancer free on ALL of my skin.

And all because my neighbor needed B-12 shots.

booch007 responded:
Good morning,

I learned a long time ago to do skin checks on patients when I have them "without shirts on...." I had a patient in the ICU and after discharge and time he returned to YELL at all of us.

"You listened to my lungs eveyday and NO ONE saw the melanoma on my back???" WTH?? It opened my eyes...
Actually litterally....I close my eyes to listen to heart and lungs to use one sense fully....Now they are open.

I do skin checks and EVERYONE SHOULD GO ONCE A YEAR FOR A SKIN CHECK WITH A DERM.... it is embarrassing but can save your life! A new growth needs to be checked as well as anything else you can't see...

Thank goodness it was basal and they are on it now. Lucky you how fate can present itself and you are fixed...

(I had a patient with melanoma of his doubt*...he said i am not going to let them remove my ear so it is staying....
Granted he was quite elderly......but I was on him about it anyway.....EVERYONE HERE SHOULD BE CHECKED.

Hey you may have saved a life today Bette...

I am loving your posts, they are good questions and great ideas when you share. Thanks for joining the Fmily and being a part of the process this board is meant to be and more!!

Nancy B

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