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Fibro and Grief
dizziblondeme posted:
I know that CBT is highly recommended for fibromites and intend to try it again, but I can't help wondering if some kind of grief counseling would also help. I've seen over and over (even on this community's boards) how developing this disorder essentially steals our lives as we once knew them, as any chronic condition does, and this catapults us into the grief process. I know I've noticed myself experiencing denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and even periods of calm acceptance. I don't believe these are such clear-cut "stages" as some of the conventional wisdom would suggest, either; they seem to ebb and flow along with my fibro symptoms. I would love to see what the resident experts have to say about this aspect of "The Fibro Experience"!
Allodynia-respectful hugs, The Dizzy Blonde
booch007 responded:
Cute name....dizzy, what ever works is the key here. I totally agree it probably would be awesome to have a councelor helpyou through it all. BUT I used this board and it takes time to get through. I personaaly am a person who hangs out in the tears department for a while before moving on......

I am a fighter and do all I canwithin this box I am in, I reinvent at a moments notice and if it gets me in trouble I learn from it.
I never stop trying though.

I think for those having major issues counceling is the great.

Sometimes all you need is an ear to HEAR you and it is better. Someone who can make a plan and focus you in another direction.

Good post, thanks....Nancy B

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