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Wesco posted:
I had the same Dr. for 14 yrs. prescribing Norco to me with no problems. He retired, and some young Ethiopian took his place. Well there went the Norco / Hydrocodone. So now? I am literally out Dr. shopping. It's embarrassing to say the least. I saw one Dr. one time, he filled me 1 months supply, then sent me a letter telling me he didn't feel comfortable prescribing Norco to me, and to basically hit the bricks. Not even a referral. Can you get your meds in Mexico legally? Anyone?
booch007 responded:
WOW I hope you get an answer from someone on this? I bought meds from Canada for my husband when the US had a shortage but it wasn't a narcotic (just the med to keep his stents in his heart open!! **not important or anything)

I did need a script though it was not the U.S....

Try hooking inot a pain management group and bring your chart...the more history you bring the better you will be. Detoxing off what worked for you must be so frightening, as I would be fearful is I was denied the meds I take .

Good luck with this.

Make sure you are using all the non medical things in the toolbox under resources and meds you can get your hands on to help like the SSRI, SNRI group. Alot use so many mixtures of non-controlled meds.

Good luck, I am feeling for you.

Even my savella may be of use to you...adrenaling is an amazing pain releiver. So this increase norepinephrine the cousin of adrenaline. WORKS so well for me, just a small amt...go slow with it.

Good luck and all my best. Maybe it is just time to try a new path? We never like chnage and that in itself can make you cringe and experience more pain.........

Take care, Nancy B
An_244127 responded:
Hi, the last thing I would be thinking about right now is purchasing your meds illegally online. Do you have a primary doctor? If you do, go see them and perhaps they can either give you a referral to a new pain mgnt dr or take over prescribing your meds for you. Good Luck.

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