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Best book to read on Fibro?
denise10011963 posted:
I have posted a couple of times on here, however new to the community, I've been diagnosed with FM for 3 months but sure I have had it longer, I'm still working, my job is real physical love my job just hard to work at the pace they need we work anywhere from 8-11 hours a day, and from 5-7 days a week, my body just feels like it just gives out sometimes. Not really sure if I have found the right Doctor yet. He has put me on Savella 50 mg 2xday. but still feel pain, however I know without the med. I would not be able to do anythig,guess I need to learn more about what works for me, I also take the magnesuim and he has me on trazo-done 100mg, still sometimes don't sleep well, On his Diagnosis he has Myalagia & Myostis. thanks for reading my post and any recommendations would be appreciated.
BetteK responded:

Three months probably seems like an eternity to you, but it is not very long in terms of how long it takes to notice an improvement from your meds. I'm sure that you eased up on the Savella gradually until you were at the full dosage. So you haven't actually been on the therapeutic dosage for very long.

Is your fibro any better on your meds? Believe it or not, a 1/6 reduction in pain level is considered a "good" response for a fibro med. As long as you are not having any unwanted side effects, you should stay with the Savella.

Your doctor may slowly add additional medications to your mix. That is normal. You do it slowly, watch for adverse reactions, and see if there is any improvement.

About sleep. Are you taking a relaxing shower and/or bath before bedtime? Is your bed comfortable? (You may need a different mattress or a recliner to sleep in.) Is your bedroom a comfortable temperature? Dark? Quiet? Have you tried relaxation techniques? As you can see there are lots of things to try. See which work for you. We are all different.

About those differences: We can get relief from different meds, we can need different diets, we can hurt in different places, we can face different job and family challenges. But in the end, we are all trying to help each other. We tell what worked for us--and what didn't. We each want for you the same thing we want for ourselves: a life without more pain than we can bear.

Towards better days,

BetteK replied to BetteK's response:
Denise, about the books, my very favorite is

The Fibromyalgia Helpbook by I Jon Russell and Jenny Fransen. This book explains all the things that are happening in our brains, spinal cords, and chemical receptors. You can read the whole thing very carefully (as I've done many, many times--this is my go to book) or take what you need and skim over the scientific terminology.

There are also some great workbook sized books by Devin J. Starlanyl. Devin is an M.D. with FM.

This site's expert advisor is Mark Pellegrino. He's another M.D. who has written several helpful books.

Try to get these from your library first. Then you can choose which ones to order "for keeps."


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