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    Reconsidering Fibromyalgia
    Czechmate36 posted:
    So, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia few years ago, and while I experience some of the symptoms (such as have two tight pressure points on my neck) and have leg soreness. I also feel very tired.

    ...But nothing helps. Not even slightly. They keep dumping muscle relaxers on me and have moved me to tramadol. I never feel more energy and excercise makes things worse not better.

    The BIGGEST part is that I now feel numbness and tingling in my legs. (The right more than the left). I had two surgeries in my life. Left: One to separate a bone in my foot that had grown together and another to reconstruct my leg after a severe dog bite. On the right, I was injured 9 months ago (an avulsion and torus fracture) when I was pushed down some stairs. I've always had these issues with my leg pain as long as I can remember, but the fact that I'm falling on my face, going numb in one or both legs, feeling severe knee and hip joint pain, and so tired at age 21 has me absolutely terrified.

    I don't have medical insurance, but I do have a kind dad that is willing to pay for my visit to a GP and 100% charity at a rather large hospital. question to anyone expert or novice (who experienced what I am experiencing or has fibromyalgia or knows someone with these or is a medical pro.)...Does this sound like fibromyaliga? I literally feel disabled beyond belief and I just want to have fun again. If not...any idea what it might be or how I should convince my doctor that I am dead serious about this problem? I'm worried my shyness is going to make me look "emotionally troubled" or is going to limit my ability to articulate.


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    BetteK responded:

    Yes it does sound like FM. And, no, it does not sound like FM. The truth about fibromyalgia is that it is never exactly the same two days in a row or two patients in a row.

    The numbness you describe sounds like nerve involvement. Often there is lingering numbness after surgery. On the other hand, fibromyalgia could bring the same symptoms.

    What you need is a neurological workup by a good neurologist.

    (Sometimes the clinics at teaching hospitals are run by the best doctors available. Call the neurological department at the nearest GOOD teaching hospital. While you're at it, find out if you can be covered on your parents' medical insurance.
    Check into Medicaid, too. Are you truly handicapped? Does this qualify you for free healthcare? Find out now. You'd be surprised how much stress you've been carrying around just because of your uninsured status. Even if you ARE uninsured and/or uninsureable, sometimes just knowing where you are is a big help).

    xperky responded:
    Cassie, it sounds like possible nerve involvement to me too.

    Fibro can cause numbness and tingling, but you really shouldn't assume it isn't something else. Fibro is usually diagnosed after many types of tests come back negative.

    Hopefully you will be able to afford insurance under the ACA next year. Until then, try to keep light activity in your life, and remain optomistic.
    With Compassion,
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning Cassie,

    The posts above me are right on....I am hopeful for you to get get a second opinion at the clinic in Neuology for the FM diagnosis, you should always reach out for more then one Doctor telling you something.

    I want to ask you to try something too. When my fight with this started and actually it was for years before I changed myself to better....I spent alot of money on a physiatrist, his focus was to look at me in a totally different way the the doctors did.

    He told me , NO more soda and diet anything.
    He said...Lean and being is full of antioxidants for your body to help it heal and repair it's chemistry. Water only and plenty of it to hydrate the muscles....and he had me start a product called "green vibrance" which is $$$ and in essence green vegetables gound up with probiotics in there too.

    This plan was to be use eachday and it would take 60 days to begin to change my chemistry.

    Well, I was not cured BUT.......OMG I was able to stretch the muscles out, move more fluidly and comfortable and it definitly clearer out junk from my body.

    This woke me up to realise I was living dehydrated, (so easy to do) It takes time to rehydrate a body too. Your kidneys will dump excess free water fast during the early days and finally (i guess in his 60 day window) you have created a better balance. I learned alot from him at $$$ I share it with you.

    I eat only green vegetables...brocoli, swiss chard, string beans, spinach etc.....I have never gone back.

    Your description of symptoms sound like nerves being compressed and I have that too. We use warmth in heating pads to help relax the muscles and loosen them.

    There is also a book called FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain (a survival manual) by Dr Devin Starlanyl 19.99 on, I think it would be so helpful to you.

    I remember having numbness to my face and the early neurologist I saw said maybe I have a brain tumor......yea right....

    Well, you have dermatomes which is a level of sensation in the body...what it was after years of learning....the muscles were impinging on that layer of sensory nerves...not a full blown spasm but enough pressure from my neck muscles to warrant a feeling for me.

    I use trigger point injections to get out of trouble here, not many choose my path, but it works for me. I am without alot of the sensations I had.

    I also remember being in trouble and calling the pharmacy to say the meds were no good, old, generic I felt no change after taking them,,,,(well it wasn't the meds, it was me)

    Since hydration and careful supplementation with magnesium and Vit D and B Complex Co Q 10...I am the best I have been.
    My meds are a few with the non meds...It take time and trial and error to get a fix/better here...

    Self education and support are great tools for you to get better then where you are now. You can do it. The answers though are not just in pills you have work to do in other ways. Look in resources for the "members toolbox" and see what other have done to help themselves. Good luck from me, Nancy B

    Here I posted the toolbox site for you........NAncy B

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