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overwhelmed with acute hives
leighhunt posted:
I have had fibro for 10 years, but in the last 2 years I keep getting terrible hives all over, and I do mean all over. Is there a connection between hives and fibro? Please i appreciate any help.
BetteK responded:
ITCH? Of course! Dr. Devin Starlanyl in her books(I &II) on Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome suggests using Benedryl lotion. She also recommends using cold packs. Let us know how these work out.

A cousin had hives with her fibro. Her dermatologist prescribed antihistamines.

I've used Caladryl lotion on my itchy, scaley skin. It helps to tame the itch.

booch007 responded:
Leigh good morning,

I think it is time to see the allergist and figure out what is getting your immune system so upset......

Hives are a histamine reaction and antihistamines is the opposite to treat that. BUT figuring out what is the trigger is most important as you may move on to a bigger reaction at some point.

Our bodies are magical, they are magical to help survive and when an intruder arrives that is not allowed in the body, your cells and chemistry change to attack something is getting you.

(A short story...) A nurse I worked with started with hives and to the point of an eye closed when awakening from sleep, lips swollen and rashes etc.......well the answer to the story after cortisone tabs and antihistamines and many doctors.....she went to the Mayo clinic and in one day they had it figured out.

A sinus infection she hadn't been treated long enough for was still harboring in her sinus chanbers....just enough to have her whole immune system go saying that...

Think back to any infection you had and maybe is still just under the radar??? But get to an allergist (a good allergist at a teaching hospital)....and see what is going on with your immune system. No one should be getting this so much and it is not from FM. Your immune system is not involved here.

Good luck.........Keep us in the loop, NAncy B

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