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Rheum. Dr. doesn't treat fibro. thanks for your replies
crystalgreeneyes posted:
Thanks to everyone that replied to my post about the specialist to whom I went only to find she does not treat fibromyalgia. I go to my family dr. every month. It's the same thing. I have to ask to be referred to specialists - only one at a time and often I have to wait months to see someone as I did with the last one. I live in a fairly small community and there's very few doctors taking new patients. It is difficult for me to drive very far away and try to find someone else. I have been to several already. My experience is that I am dismissed very quickly with a script for anti-depressants. When I say that I am very sensitive to medication side effects then it appears that they cannot do anything. I am not the only person to be sensitive to medication, surely? Is that their cue to give up on a patient? I try to be positive, I exercise and I watch my diet and I am seeing a chiro. 2 times a week. My anxiety and insomnia issues are bothering me the most at this time. I take sleeping pills and anti-anxiety meds. The sleeping pills allow me to sleep for an average of 3 hours and they do cause nausea to some degree. The AA med. calms me down and helps me to sleep as well but it doesn't settle my thoughts and if I take any additional of those (when I am really stressed) I become very depressed and tearful. My frustration is not helping I know but I seem to be going around in circles and getting no where. Lately I have been experiencing an intense recurring headache (every 3 weeks) which is not a migraine. It lasts for 3-4 days. I have gone to the dr. with this feeling that it is sinus related. He suggested antibiotics which I have terrible side effects with as well and I refuse to take them until I know whether or not it is an infection. I am seeing a new GP on Wed. Please help me prepare for this appt. Even if I make notes I forget important things. (I don't have anyone to accompany me) First of all I should ask "do you treat fibromyalgia?"
Because I am not working I don't have extra money for therapy. I could see a psychiatrist for free but they only prescribe medication.

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