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Fibro remission
flashraggs posted:
I was diagnosed about 12 yrs ago and at times was so bad I couldn't stand for somebody to even brush up against me. I was on so many pain pills and Lyrica, pain patches, rub in creams, you name it. Prednisone helped but no one wanted me on it for long because I'm an asthmatic and had been steroid dependent for a few years. The only thing that seemed to help was being in pool therapy and hot tubs, and you can only spend so much time doing that. I don't know what changed other than moving back down south where I was diagnosed to begin with, and I have lost weight, but most of my pain is gone. I did get diagnosed as bipolar so maybe that med helps and I stay on a high dose of Neurontin for the 4 neck surgeries I've had, but I feel like I'm in remission. It's a good thing too since I couldn't find a dr here that wanted to treat Fibro. My hope is it lasts but I enjoy each day as it comes.
BetteK responded:
Hi, BetteK in COLD western NY here, You are so lucky to be doing better. Just as a guess, I'd say that the Neurontin and antidepressants are what help the most.

All the "aproved" FM meds are antidepressants. We are just prescribed them in much lower doses. Maybe we need the full-strength versions!

Neurontin is one of the "add ons" many of us are prescribed. When I was on it, I was using 600 mg. 3 X a day for a total of 1800 mg./day. When I went off the neurontin before surgery, I didn't notice any difference in my pain level, so I never went back on it.

Whatever you are doing, seems to be working for you. That's GREAT! My hope is that we ALL find our perfect mix.

About a doctor to treat your fibromyalgia, have you asked your family practicioner or internist? Mine is more than happy to treat me. I go to the pain clinic because I get nerve blocks every 3 months and prefer to get all my pain meds at one place.

Good luck, and thank you so much for good news. We all need to hear that every now and then.

booch007 replied to BetteK's response:
I am with Bette here in Eastern NY.......(HA!)

I think the med change AND the senery change made a difference in your life.

We are social animals and distraction and deversion from our issues is a strong medicine in itself. Getting your brain chemistry better and having a fit for a doctor...all positives to being better...

I always hurt and always will, I just want it turned down enough to help me have a life.
Go grab yours **and I am so happy for you!! NancyB

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