Have chronic pain missed dose of medication?
Kway2U posted:
I have Fibromyalgia and fell asleep and missed my overnight dose, I woke up late, tired and extremely achy was difficult getting ready for work but I went, I took my morning dose on schedule but have been feeling bad all day achy,sore,tired,irritated,sad. I take my meds 3x a day.I am in a Pain Management Clinic, I guess I could have called
them but would like to know what some of you do to get through when
this happens. And I can't believe how missing the one dose has affected me?
Thank you to all who respond I am a new member this is my first post

BetteK responded:

Next time you visit the Pain Management Clinic, ask what to do if you skip a med or if you just need help during a flare--even if you were on schedule with your meds.

Generally, if you are only an hour or two off in your schedule, you should take the pill--late though it is. If it is almost time for the next dose, DO NOT DOUBLE UP. One thing you could try is: if it is more than half way to the time of your next scheduled dose, take THAT dose now. Take the following (third) dose on time. You will be splitting the time without coverage in half and possibly avoid a flareup.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing does happen. Even if you put your pills in an organizer, there will be times when you miss a dose. You must have really needed that sleep. Perhaps it was a warning that a flare-up was coming on anyway. On the other hand, maybe having had that good night's sleep will make your flare less painful or even make it end sooner. With FM you never really know.

Hope getting back on schedule today knocks your flare back into its place--gone!

booch007 responded:
Good morning,

I have never missed my meds so I can only guess what I would do and it depends what you are taking as well.

As you found when you are further along in pain it takes more to get you out of trouble, this is what we have learned to give a steady state of meds to not rebound the patient to a higher level as they call for a dose.....

If it happened to me, I would have taken my morning med (tramadol 37.5mg) as usual and then in the day 2-4 hours later repeated the dose to assist me in getting out of trouble....
Then taken the next dose a bit later in the day to continue climbing out of the hole.

In medicine when you miss a dose they say DON'T ADD IT TO THE NEXT ONE. But for us, it would be my plan to get it in as you were suffering with continued symptoms...and delay your midddle dose a bit and night one too. (so that 4 doses were in that day your were in trouble)

AGAIN, I don't know what you are taking the half life of the med or anything about you....I am just speaking about PAIN and a missed dose and an increase in pain.

If you work in a way that is not with dangerous things and if the med has side effects of tiredness or woozy...that you and what you are doing is safe..........see it gets complicated*.

But if it were ME, that is what I would do.

When I started needing to take my muscle relaxant in the day...I would drive to work in pain and go early and take it once arrived and sit in the kitchen til wooziness passed and then get to work......I did that for quite a while, then I started getting UP earlier so i could be at home for this, and I used the computer to help distract me from pain (mornings are my worst) I didn't want to drive after the dose....so I have it down well now.

Good luck in the future....DON'T FORGET YOUR MEDS....
better to tred water forward then backward recovery......HA!

Nancy B