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How I view my Fibro
JBirdFletcher posted:
I know it has been a long time since I have posted. I posted this to Fibro Colors on FB and decided I would share it here as well.

How I view Fibromyalgia.Living with fibromyalgia is a roller coaster ride in its self.
Some days the sun may shine, some days there may be clouds and some days it may bring a thunder storm.
(Much like the weather in Kansas.) If you don't like the weather wait a bit cuz it's gonna change.
Like the day the Universe decided to pop out all of your batteries. Or the day you managed to get your to do list done.
The days wh...en you use a sippie cup because it is the only thing keeping you dry.
Or the day you were able to actually read your own hand writing!
Yep, the day you were passed on a flight of stairs by someone over 70.
Or the day you were able to use the vacuum.
Having a memory like SWISS CHEESE is only good if you are a mouse.

So remember to wake up every day and smile at the moments that were not so good because by golly you made it through. Laugh at those not so good days because having a good day is so much sweeter. Know that each and every day you see will be a ride in and of its self.
I may have dyslexia and can't spell, I may have Brain Fog and not remember who you are, I may have tremors that scare you, I may drop everything I pick up but, By ALL I do it with everything I am!!!
BetteK responded:

Thank you for the wonderful description of FM.

The whimsey of it is contageous! And you're right, every day is its own ride.

By the way, Kansas is not the only place where the weather changes. Back in 1972 when we bought our farm in WNY state, an elderly neighbor told us, "If you don't like the weather in Allegany County, wait 10 minutes." He was right. It can go down to 25 below at night and then be 35 above the next morning. That's a 60 degree change.

Hope my swiss cheese memory got it right!


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