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Did you hear the president's news?
BetteK posted:
President Obama has announced a voyage of discovery, not to the moon, not to the bottom of the ocean, but to the depths of the human brain.

That's right. There will be a concerted effort to find out how these small organs work. Of course, this will lead to understanding what happens when the brain goes wrong.

Hooray! Hoooray! Hooooooray!

This means that the NIH with all it's centers, university labs with fat federal grants, and private industrial researchers (also with plump federal funding bonuses) will be studying fibromyalgia along with many other aspects of the functioning and not so functioning brain.


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dollbug responded:
Hello BetteK....I think this *voyage of discovery* has only been *suggested or thown out there as an idea of discussion* ...since it has to be tossed around, voted on and passed by the other Washington members I think we all know there have been major cutbacks to a lot of things which some of us might think is important. I heard this week that there are veterans who have been waiting for years to get their disability....these are people who have served in war and came home not able to work.

I think that when our country was doing pretty well financially....many years ago....these people should have thought about managing the money for a *rainy day* seems like we are now having many rainy days and our country is NOT prepared for any of them.

This, of course, is just my own personal decision.

I am sure that research will indeed continue....regardless, as it has for many years now.

Take care.


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BetteK replied to dollbug's response:

Maybe it's just my research-oriented brain, but I think the time, effort, and MONEY spent on understanding the brain has many, many concrete and practical outcomes possible. For instance:

  1. What causes chronic pain when there is no physical cause for continuing pain sensations?
  2. What triggers addiction in some people?
  3. How can we prevent Alzheimers, Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis and other degenerative brain diseases?
  4. Why do some people not feel a bond with mankind? Why aren't their amyglias working?
  5. What causes depression? Bipolar disease? Schizophrenia?
  6. What is a migrane?
  7. What makes people eat when they aren't hungry?
I think that finding the answer to any one of these questions would help our nation and our society--including returning vets.

And, yes, it is a national disgrace that those who have put their lives on the line for us are left to flounder through the maze of healthcare on their own. (But, of course, I believe in universal healthcare. Have you ever seen what dental policies cover? Some smart people of the bean counter variety have decided it's cheaper to pay for checkups and cleanings (Insurance pays 80%.) than for drilling, filling, and replacing (as little as 20% paid by insurance). Free preventive care is cost effective. When uninsured people don't get it, they wind up with catastrophic illnesses and wind up on Medicare/Medicaid with all of us paying for illnesses that shouldn't have happen--and wouldn't have with decent preventive care.)

Down off my soapbox again. You're right about us not having a national nest egg. I think it's because we have politicians instead of statesmen. Statesmen do what they think is right.
Politicians do what will get them reelected.


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