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got a funny for you,
Wolfsong452 posted:
well since my german shepherd died late last summer, I got me some birds. 2 zebra finches, 2 society finches and 2 canaries. All of these are a pair. Meaning male and female.

well, ever since Jan. I've been expecting someone to hatch some eggs. nope, not yet, I don't know what's going on. Maybe the finches are too old. The zebras were hatching eggs pretty good last fall.

I've only had the society and canaries for about 6 months. Well, the thing with canaries you can't be the male & female together unless the female is ready to mate. If you put them together any sooner, the male can chase her and might kill her.

well, I had these guys in 2 separate cages, sitting next to each other. She was showing a lot of interest in the male, he was wanting to feed her.

Good sign, so I put them together. This was back in Jan. well, I've only seen the male chasing the female ONE TIME, other than that they seem like best buddies. Not good,

female will go and sit in the nest, nothing happens, seems like she's just taking a snooze in the nest. Ok, then the male will hang out in the nest. Now, the male does not help hatch the eggs, he's there only to help feed the female when she's nesting, or when they babies have hatched to help feed them.

What's funny is the last time I saw the male lying around in the nest, the female comes up and stands on the edge of the nest, like she was telling him to get out, MOVE IT! I stood and watched them for 5 mins. He would not leave the nest.

Finally, he moved, no eggs.

I talked to the lady I got the birds from, and she asked, am I sure I have a male and a female. well, I told her, hey, you gave me the birds.

I told her that there was at least one canary that was singing loud and clear, where the other wasn't. So, obvious male & female.

The male still isn't aggressive to the female, nothing is happening.

I was told to increase feeding them fresh fruits and veggies, and make sure they're getting plenty of day light.

so anyway I"m going bird crazy, hee hee.

kind of fun, though I am getting tired of sweeping up bird seed off the floor and table.

hmmm, bigger cage I think.;

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