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    dumping the pain management doctor.
    Wolfsong452 posted:
    well, can't decide, other than talking to me when I come for my every 8 week appointment, not much is going on.

    I'm thinking of quiting the whole thing, anti-depressants, muscle relaxers, and narco,

    I'm not sure if they're realling helping. I feel the only way to find out is quit taking everything and see if there is any difference.

    I have upped my vitamin D, doctor just wasn't acting like they thought this was a big deal. OH, your numbers are 11, all you need to an over the counter bottle.


    I've also started a bigger dose of magnesium, and B12, and a multi vitamin.

    I'll see what happens.

    Has anyone ever given up on the pain management and walked away from those meds?

    Thing is, PCP can't do narco, so, that would be an bummer.

    not sure what I'm going to do.
    BetteK responded:

    My hubby was in pain management, but when he got a flare he did not have any rescue medication. He was on the fentanyl patches but still had some oxycontin from befor the patches. He took the extra. The next day when he got to the pain clinic he still had both meds in his system--as they found out in the urine test. They fired him from pain management.

    Luckily, our family doctor prescribes the same meds for him. He even has a rescue med to use if things get bad.

    About 2 years ago, I decided I wanted to go off my oxycontin. The people at the pain clinic prescribed something that was supposed to help with the withdrawl. It didn't. I was only on 10 mg of oxycontin--the lowest dose it comes in--but the nighttime creepy-crawly legs really got to me. Then I remembered that I had ambien to help me sleep. I took that for 2 nights, and by the third night the withdrawl was over.

    When I had my last big flare (and it was a doozy), I called the pain clinic and asked permission to use some of the oxycontin I still had. The okayed it, made sure I had an appointment within a week. In 2 days, my 2 week flare was over and I was able to stop the oxycontin with no ill effects.

    Work with your pain doc or your family doc if you want to slowly wean yourself from meds. That way, you will have help if you get in a bind like I did.

    Your pain clinic should be able to help you find other ways to ease your pain. They should know about aquatic therapy, relaxation therapy, accupuncture, regular physical therapy.

    If you go off your meds with your pain clinic's guidance, then there will be help for you whether you find you no longer need those meds or that things are worse without painkillers.

    Good luck. Please stay with us and let us know how things go.

    Wolfsong452 replied to BetteK's response:
    I've called my pain management one time when I had a really bad flare up, asking what could I do, I was having major issues of the creepy crawlies, muscle spasms, whatever you want to call it.

    They told me not much they could do, had I tried this or that, nothing had worked, they then suggested that I could take another muscle relaxer durning the day time but only a 1/2 a pill.

    This did nothing for me.

    I've done the PT doing the aquatic therapy, insurance won't cover accupunture, though we did try injections, funny thing, seemed like whenever I had an injection something would happen that would ruin the effect, one time with in the hour of getting an injection, I tripped over a step and fall flat on my face. Kind of kicked out the injection helping.

    Other times, family members would get me so stressed.

    The narco that I'm taking I can take 1-2 a day as needed. So, there might be a couple of days where I'm not taking them.

    No problems there.

    anti-pressants are ok, ,working or not? my mood seems to be consistantly the same, pain level is the same, sleep is on again off again,

    It's not that I don't think I need them, I just think that sometimes I can live without them and take something else that isn't so addicting. hmmm, not exactly what I mean,

    if there not helping, and because of the insurance we're restricted on what I can take, and they won't allow anything else, why stay on something that isn't really helping?

    why waste the money?

    Relaxation therapy, I DO NOT care of the person who's doing this. I've gone a couple of times, seemed like a waste of time. What good is it for me to come every 8 weeks, and all I do is sit there complain, or tell what's been going on in my life, good or bad.

    why pay for this? I can come here and do that. The relaxation technique I was taught, was exactly what someone here taught me, and in a better more understanding way.

    They are so-so on Vitamin D, they feel that once I get up to 30, then I should go on an over the counter. Ok, we tried that once, 6 weeks later I"m back down to 11, they said continue the OTC dose.

    Much like others on this forum, I've done tons of research, listened to peoplel, listened to Dr. P.

    I feel that sometimes my pain management is bothered that I"ve done the research. We had a 6 week mandatory once a week class. Learning about coping skills etc.

    Nice refresher course. At the end, we were asked did we learn anything?

    everyone but me said, yes,

    well sorry, heck, it was nothing more than a refresher course, after everything I've learned here.

    I think they were bothered a bit.

    I've been meditating for years, for other reasons, I know a bit about breathing techniques positive thought etc.

    I also know, sometimes you need someone to guide you through it. This relaxation therapy person, just wasn't doing that for me.

    The last time I was there, they were bothered about me having gained some weight. I told them that I've started back to the gym etc. also my blood pressure is always high when I got there, but when I go to PCP it's normal. Hey, I have no idea.

    The nurse came right out and said something about maybe I wasn't telling the truth.

    hmmm, well, everyone fudges a little, but heck, I'd been coming there for at least 2 years, what can I say.

    oh bother

    thanks for letting me vent.

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