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sedentary life
rita150 posted:
I have had few symptoms of Fibromyalgia during the day when I was
active. Now I'm in a sedentary desk job. I go to water aerobics
3 x wk. Any ideas how to feel better. Already on 900 mg Neurontin at
night. Tramadol for pain.
booch007 responded:
Good morning,

Remember the commercial " A body in motion stays in motion"

It is imperative that we move and stretch and use all the muscles we own. I start stretching before I get out of bed.......while the muscle are warm in the sheets and then use our tools to get going. A project is a great stimulus to get your mind off the activity you are asking the body to do.

Right now at work I too am sedentary at times, working on a computer....I just had a conversation with myself to begin the day with walking the building now that the weather is getting better in NY. I need it for circulation and will help my weight loss. But more over it is important in the fight against this disease we have. It is free and changes your brain chemistry for the better. So all good.

Good for you with the aerobics but a daily something needs to be stuck in there too.

Good luck, Nancy B

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