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Low-Grade Fevers
MarFran posted:
Does anyone else besides me suffer from low-grade fevers? I've wondered if that's typical with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Whenever I've had an extremely busy day, perhaps overdoing things with too much physical activity, I wind up with a fever of anywhere between 99 and 99.6 degrees or so and it totally wipes me out with total exhaustion to the point where I can't function to do anything but lay on my couch and rest. The exhaustion is not ordinary tiredness because I don't always feel "sleepy" as such--I'm almost too tired to sleep at times, if that makes any sense. It's more a matter of needing time to just relax and escape any and all stressful things. My fever might go away by late in the evening, whether I have taken Tylenol or not, and it could be intermittent over the next day or more. I wonder if it's possible for stress to causes slight elevated temperatures. Even the slightest elevation to only 99 degrees wipes me out and incapacitates me when it wouldn't affect the average person who can't even tell they have any fever at all. Therefore, I always have to pace myself and plan ahead carefully when I have an big outing or a lot to do in one day so that the following day or few days are free with no obligations and I'll know I will have time to rest.
angelswife responded:
That is typical of Chronic Fatigue, especially if you have swollen glands and sore throats with them. Hope it settles down for you soon. ((((Soft hugs)))) I hear you on the "too tired to sleep" too! I thought I was the only one that happened to, and it drives me crazy!
SherylAnneD responded:
I suffer from low grade fevers, too. I thought it was just me! (I notice that phrase a lot on this site! ) The fevers are debilitating. I also have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis that lowers my core temp from 98.6 down to 97. When these low grade fevers hit me they knock me down for a while. I don't know why they happen but it seems that when I am overly tired or done too much my temp rises and I go down. They will last for days to weeks at a time and vanish as soon as they hit!

I also understand the 'too tired to sleep'. The exhaustion is overwhelming and you have trouble just laying there because every part of your body is just so heavy.....

We are all so very different and yet so very much the same...

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