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Please help - withdraw from Cymbalta
gkmom97 posted:
so my mom has been cold turkey off Cymbalta for 3 weeks and is having severe vomiting and feels like she is dying. Is she withdrawing from this and how long will this last?
Anon_408 responded:
Why did she go off of it cold turkey? Is her Dr. aware she did it this way? I'm thinking this is one of the drugs you should taper off of gradually, Consider seeing a Dr. or an ER visit or something, you can always do a search of cymbalta withdrawal symptoms, but I'm thinking this sounds like withdrawal.

Sure hope you get the information you need, Weekends are slow on here, with slow response time.
xperky responded:
It can be dangerous to go off Cymbalta cold turkey. Severe vomiting can be serious and cause dehydration if it goes on too long. I hope your mom gets prompt medical treatment.
With Compassion,
booch007 responded:
Good morning I am with all above but I also am surprised that at 3 weeks she is still in trouble.

I also stopped Cymbalta suddenly and was very dizzy and had difficulty walking but I was in a seratonin syndrome window so not sure who caused what.

She needs to be seen by a doctor please and have her meds adjusted. When you alter brain chemistry it is not wise to just let go and leave it to itself.......please get her seen.
Nancy B

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