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good morning,
Wolfsong452 posted:
well it's after midnight, so I guess it's considered morning.

hee hee, sitting here a work, bored stiff. thank goodness I can go on patrol and don't have a time frame to be gone and back. So I walk a little sit down a little, as it's an office building, so lots of chairs.

I also do patrols outside, yep, cold and can be scary. Once you get used to it, then it's no biggie. Well lit parking lot, so nothing to worry about.

So anyone who's still awake, sending you an aoooooooo! baying at the moon.
xperky responded:
aooooo, and hoot-hoot-hoot to you Wolfsong! I'm a night owl, hence the hoots.

It's good you can change positions at work. I know you were getting really cold in the winter out in the guard shack last year. How you been?
With Compassion,
Wolfsong452 replied to xperky's response:
yes, Margaret, it's so much better, I'm no longer at that site, sadly I was relocated due to me transposing some numbers. can't do that with trailers and semi-trucks.

well, guess I'd made some other mistakes, but I felt there were others involved in those. The company just won't admit it.

so, no more cold drafty guard shacks, no more hot very hot guard shacks. We had to put down salt etc. at that site, which meant filling up the bin on the back of the truck we drove. Kind of hard to pick up 50 pound bags.

well, anyway, I'm now at a better site, it's an office building for a bank. So, there's people here most of the time. I have to do patrols, inside and outside the building at least 3 times each.

oh yeah, outside is cold. but, there are ways to get around it.

The bad part of this job is the hours. plus a 50 cent reduction in pay. Not for being bad, it's what this location pays. The hours are 10 pm till 6 am. 4 days a week.


at least no putting down salt, no shoveling the side walks etc.

thing is, they've got the computer locked or blocked in certain ways. No facebook, no email, no youtube, Also for some strange certain sites will come up as a social type, so they are blocked, yet, others I have access to and even watch videos. I can look at ebay, not sure if I"m able to bid. Never tried it.

hate hate these hours.

yet, if I was working 2nd shift, there's a heck of a lot more work to do. Finger printing, as anyone who's hired comes to this site to get their background check, finger printing, and assorted other things. They do a whole heck of a lot more than what I do on 3rd shift.

They even have to answer the telephone and transfer calls.

nope, I don't have to do this. hee hee, who's going to call during those hours?

since it's a banks office building, we do have to be more careful and pay attention to who's leaving their car or what ever in the parking lot. Irate employees, or others, that might want to harm the building or employees, armored cars come here etc. soooo.

the patrols that I have to do, are 3 a night, inside and out, but, we can always do more if we want. I do that sometimes, when the weather is nice, I walk around outside several times.

winter time hee hee, I don't walk much outside, but I do walk out of every exit or entrance walk as far outside as I can see, to check out the whole parking lot etc.on that side of the building. This gives just a good a patrol as walking all the way around the building.

so fun fun fun, thank goodness I only have to work 4 days a week. Though if you think about it, just might be a bit more.

hmm ,come in on Thurs. at 10pm, get off Fri. at 6 am, come back Fri. night at 10 pm, off at 6 am, back on Sat. 10pm till Sun. 6 am, back at 10 pm, get off at 6am on Mon.

hmm, so is that 3 days off? well, 18 hours off on Mon. then 24, on Tues, Wed. and then 22 hours off on Thurs.

hmmm, totally crazy,

guess you can tell I'm bored, as I'm rambling.

hee hee!

sitting here reading a book, off and on the computer, bad thing is the video cameras I'm supposed to be watching, are behind me, no way to move the computer.

think they planned it this way. hee hee!

so what are you doing since you can't sleep?


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