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Fibro frusrations
pjzieski posted:
Reality has once again slapped me down.. last night cooking dinner I totally forgot I had green beans on the stove...fibro fog..ended up burning them so bad the pan turned black. Took that in stride, put the pan in the sink to soak over night. This morning after my meds kicked in decided to spend my little slice of energy for today and scrub the pot. 5 minutes in I'm standing at the sink in tears because I don't have the strength to even scrub out a darn pan. This is just a minor thing to most people nothing to get upset about but to me it was like a slap in the face. Once again I find myself unable to do the simplest thing. I hate what fibro has done to my life, I feel so useless just a big lump of pain.
So I cried, put the pan back in the sink to soak untill someone else get home to clean it and chalk it up to just another thing I can not do anymore.
Now I have wasted what little energy I had for the day, and have nothing to show for it. Trying to find the bright side but damned if I can.... Thought other fibro suffers would understand and just needed to vent..Thanks
missist responded:
Don't cry! I set my whole kitchen on fire once.. got it all nice remodeled by insurance. I didn't know about fibro fog at the time. I was dx'd in 88, so I think it wasn't known much then.

So.. could be worse.
Anon_2912 responded:
"Bright side". Your alive..

Life is mainly on how you react to it...

You can positve or negative.
pjzieski replied to missist's response:
Thanks , sometimes I forget to see the bright side, just so mad sometimes
Sorry about your it got fixed
pjzieski replied to Anon_2912's response:
True- I do try to be positive but come on we all get down, hasn't fibro taken from you too?
Yes I'm alive but when you have lost so much it's really hard sometime to appreciate the life your forced to live. I'm not a downer all the time just having a bad day, hope you understand that.

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