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    Thursday ****4/11/2013 ****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC and we have had great temps for a few nice in the 80*s....rain is headed this way though I think we are suppose to get it tonight and early tomorrow. We have to take my granddaughter to her opening and first game of softball on Saturday so I do hope the weather is nice for that. But I am not sure the fields will be ok since they will be so wet.

    I am so thankful that we have finally moved to this stage of seeing her. 10 hours is so much better than 4 but it is still too short. Next month though she will have every other week-end. She is so very happy spending time with her daddy. She was so excited to know he had a house with a yard to play outside. She now wants a treehouse. I think my DH is going to see if he can do something about this. It is important for us to make sure she has a good childhood. Every child should since they only have one and when it is is gone.

    Yesterday I finally saw a chipmunk. I thought perhaps that something had happened to them since I did not see any. But I was looking for something outside and I think I scared him as much as he scared me. Funny....since they are so little. I normally see him at the bird feeder. I guess he likes the seeds too.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. It does take time and effort. There are no quick fixes that I am aware of. So hang in there and learn all you can about what others do that allows them to have less pain. You can also check the *tips* and *resources* as I am sure you will find some good *tools* that perhaps you have not thought of before.

    Vitamin D. So important. Ask your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level checked. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

    That's all folks.

    Have a good day. Enjoy some sunshine if you can as the warmth helps to soothe the body.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    missist responded:
    Hi Mimi! Love that you wrote about your life there. So nice to meet people I can talk about mine with.

    I'm down in SC where we also have nice warm weather and looks like rain on the way. I live on a little lake here by myself most of the time, Hubby works up in Cary NC so he comes home on weekends at least 2x a week.

    This morning I'm watching some little water birds dabble around in a floating swirl of pollen, I think they are drinking pollen tea.

    I'm getting used to gabapentin, celexa and an extra dose of celebrex this past week and a half. Slept a little better last night, I've been waking up with numbness all over and jerking and last week I had some sort of optical thing--saw sparks for 5 or 10 min in the middle of the night!. Dr. says this is all part of 'chronic pain syndrome' which is what he says I have now after nearly 30 years with under treated fibromyalgia. He says my central nervous system has been sensitized. Personally, I am almost certain all these things are degenerative disc in my spine--but I guess the only fixes for that are surgerys--which are iffy--so if the RXs help-- I guess i don't care what he calls the problem. I have a sadly 'jaded' attitude toward doctors now, its been a long haul with inadequate care and well.. I guess I am skeptical of them now, and I know I need to improve my attitude there--I will try to work on it.

    I work at home doing artwork & selling it on etsy. I can't manage a job so much anymore. But I will be babysitting 2 of my grand kids a couple days a week soon, so life is good.

    I can't complain about my situation at all, thankfully Hubby can afford it if I don't have a regular job anymore, and I guess I need to trust God for the future and for today.

    Peace to all!
    missist replied to missist's response:
    Oh.. I have typos and mistakes up there. should have checked. Hubby comes home at least 2x a month not week. LOL.. There are only so many weekends aren't there?
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Thursday MiMi, Mary and to all that will follow this post. I hope your yesterday was good, overall, and that your today is good. I also hope that you do not have to deal with any fibro issues or pain.

    MiMi, I'm not sure just how far east you are from me in NC, but we're getting ready for rough weather today. Strong winds, lots of rain, and maybe a tornado or two setting down. The weather people are saying it will be rougher in E. Tennessee and then it moves onto NC after 2 p.m today. We're going to have the bad weather from around 11 - 2 then it's out of here. Colder temps will set in for a day or so then it's back to spring weather.

    Spent yesterday afternoon getting ready for the wind and rain. Puting the plants on the porch and the things that could be blown away on the side of the house. I hate winter to spring change overs. Very scary some times and today I sure don't want to spend any time down in the storm shelter. I'm glad tho that this storm is coming @ us in the day time when we can at least see the storms. The ones at night are by far the worst.

    I got my D level #'s back and I'm still @ 41. Didn't get the B12 or the bone density #'s back. Hopefully I won't get an email on the bone density if it's still good. It's a I'd rather not get an FYI on it. I have to see my PCP today, the bi yearly exam. I am going to ask him about Chron's and IBS symptoms and just how can I know when one's not the other or are could they both causing me symptoms at the same time. I have so many tummy issues it's hard, really, to know how to treat what when I have problems with the colon, bowl or tummy, or all three.

    MiMi, this month will fly by and you'll be having that lovely grand daughter with you for the whole weekend in just no time at all. So happy for you.

    angelswife, hope your feeling better today. Sending air <<< HUGS >>> your way.

    cece, hope your days are not as long or as busy. Hope your storm wasn't as bad as predicted.

    Hello Mary and WELCOME. Sorry to hear about the disc problems. I have them as well along with mild scoliosis. I too take Gabapentin, hate it, but it does work well for me. I take 300 mg 2 x's a day. I get to ween off of it a few weeks from now and be off it until next Fall. That's how my fibro rolls. Worse from FAll thru Winter, better with symptoms gone May thru Nov. Hope you can check in with us often. Love hearing from you.

    Okay, aside from the weather and dr's appointment, not much going on here so I guess I'll stop here.

    Have a great day everyone... gentle hugs, Linda R
    dollbug replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Hello Linda, I wanted to ask you just how much Vitamin D do you take each day? 41 is still on the very low side of the normal range. I think mine was 42 when the doctor told me that it was very low still. I have not had mine tested in a while though and I have been taking the multi Source One with extra d....I take the 50 which has a variety of vitamins in it.

    I know that I have read that it is really hard to get the level back up and keep it up when it gets so very low. I can *feel* when mine gets low.

    I hope your bone density comes back good.

    Take care and I hope the bad weather passes soon for you. I am sure we will get our share of it as well.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    MiMi, after reading your reply to my earlier post I called the dr and asked if myD3 level of 41 was just too low. I also thought 41 was low to and told them that last year after the labs came back. I was asked where did I hear it was 41? I said I looked at my lab results online at My Health @ Vanderbilt. I was asked to wait a second, they came back and said that was last year's results, OOOPS. This year it is at 81. I was told I could edge back on the amount I was taking each day, which is 4000. Whew on that.

    Thank you so much for your concern. It helps to have people here who care enought to tell you things you might not have thought to question.

    The weather is getting bad here now, we're under advisories now for strong wind and heavy rain until after 1 p.m.. It's raining here now but not very heavy and not much wind, hope the same goes for up north of me and to the east.
    I do hope this line of storms fall apart before they get to your area in NC.

    Thank you again, you are this site's treasure.
    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    dollbug replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Hello again Linda....I was actually wondering about the Vitamin D being still in the low range with you taking the supplements....I thought I had read that you were taking over 1000 a day....didn't really remember just how much over it was. I also take a high dose but get it now with taking the multi vitamin that I take.

    I also know that what I had read is true....that a lot of doctors do NOT realize just how much D a person needs to get it back within the *normal range*....which is very WIDE to begin with. I guess it is true what they say about what works for one may or may not work for another. I do know that a lot of *within the range* varies a lot as well.

    I am glad that you double checked it.

    Take care.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    rudyandirmouse replied to dollbug's response:
    MiMI, just walked in from my bi yearly PCP appointment and you just aren't going to belive this but my PCP told me Vit D3 level @ 81 was way to high. He said normal is between 20 and 40! He said even the 41 was high.He said that the companies who make the Vit D supplements want you to take more so they sell more. The recent medical reports out say 20 - 40 is the range Vit D levels should fall in. He told me to stop taking the D for at least 3 weeks and start back with 1 to 2000 a day.
    He wants me back in 3 months to take my blood leve for D again. YIKES.

    Now what?? Gosh I wish we had Dr P here. The Rhuemy hasn't called me back with the bone density results so I will tell then my my PCP is telling me and hopefully fall inbetween in what I should take.

    I'll post @ you when I hear from the dr @ Vandy.
    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    dollbug replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Linda, I would indeed believe this. I bet that if you went to 10 doctors and ask them the same question about Vitamin D that you would get 10 different answers.....I think we all know that there is a *range* for some reason. I have not seen anything recently that stated 20-40 is the range....but IF this is the new information then that is probably why I have not seen it.

    Actually I will go by the way I feel. I think you have probably read from some of the posters here who have stated that taking Vitamin D for them did nothing, made no difference in the way they felt. I do know that all medicines do not help everyone and I am sure vitamins and supplements are the same.

    I am glad though that you shared this with everyone. I hope others will also chime in if they have heard from their doctors as well.

    Take care.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    fibroinsd responded:

    not much to report here..just saying hello..

    on the D....I had heard that 30 was the level they want you to be at...the doctors that is..but I have also read somewhere..can't remember where now...that 60 was better..but that doctors don't agree with it much have been from some non-medical site...Recently I changed my multi-vitamin and noticed that the new one has 1000 units of I have cut back on the extra supplement of D...I think 1000 units of D in the morning..and 1000 of D at night is probably a good range..don't you ???

    hope all of you are safe from the storms..we had some great weather hopefully that will be on its way east soon..hang in there those of you in the NE !

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    mnjeepguy responded:
    It's good to see all of the posts today. Mimi, 80 sounds great. We are at 31 with 4-8" of snow tonight and maybe more for the weekend. Winter is tough here sometimes but our summers are very nice.

    Work was touch and go. I almost called in but did not. I would have gone home but I lucked out and had a light work day. I had my massage at 3 and it really helps my back. It is still in a bad place but better than this morning. I feel that something is very wrong with it, I wish I knew what to do. I may have to push for an MRI if it doesn't heal soon. I have had problems with it for 20 years.

    The storm coming in kicked my butt too. I felt it two days prior.

    On a lighter note, the weekend is near. Take care everyone,


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