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An_251434 posted:
Is Fribromyalgia a sleep disorder?
dollbug responded:
Hello....MiMi in NC....I have never read that FM is considered to be a sleep disorder.....but I can tell you from my own personal experience that lack of sleep does make a BIG difference in the way I feel. Dealing with FM is like a roller coaster.....there are ups and downs and many curves and dips along the way. It becomes a vicious cycle. Lack of sleep can cause more pain....having more pain can cause one to not get enough sleep....pain and lack of sleep can cause depression....crossing the line can cause pain and lack of sleep.

Learning how to pace, pace and pace even more helps me. Getting enough *good sleep* can also make a BIG difference in the way I feel. Yes....I did say *GOOD SLEEP*....this is when I go to sleep and really not toss and turn or wake up during the night. There are several different *levels of sleep* can do research on this and find out more about it.

I hope this helps. I am sure others will chime in on this.

Take care and good luck.


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Fuji50 replied to dollbug's response:
Actually, my Rhuemy had me do a sleep study as part of the diagnosis..the way he explained it to me was, the body needs to reach stage 4 sleep in order for your body to recuperate.People who don't reach stage 4, their bodies do not recuperate..which is what happens to us who have Fibro..but in turn originally our pain causes our lack of sleep..then it becomes a vicious cycle..I hope this helps understand the sleep part of it..LOL!! Take Care!
1Bluesky replied to Fuji50's response:
Well, that explains part of the puzzle. Can't sleep due to the depression, body pain due to lack of sleep. Sometimes I'm up till 6:00a.m. then I'm sleepy or I wake at 4:00a.m. (always that time, Hmm..). Problem is I am a night owl I love the quiet of night Theres a wonderful OTC product call SleepMD (no substitutes) all natural melatonin (sp?) and other herbs. But, ask your doctor first about it. It works but I have to take it around 7:00p.m. even though the directions say 30 min before bedtime. My mind is had headed it fights off sleep. This product doesn't give me that hangover feeling I get from using straight out melatonin from GNC.
booch007 responded:
I think it goes the other way..FM creates bad sleep and it enter the cycle of disabilities we handle.

Irritable bladder, IBS, neuropathis type pains etc.

There are some that say this is a chemical disorder in the brain and it effects quite a bit after a while. .

The meds aim at balancing some of the chemistry that is off.

The problem is we are all a little OFF just a bit different then the other. So one med isn' the fix for another it is a trial and error game* (crap). Toughest time for the pt.

But you may have a point that it may help start the issues if you never get the right sleep or amount. I was a night shift worker and LOST alot of sleep..................

Good question, NAncy B

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