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Damp, Damp, Damp. Ache, Ache, Ache.
BetteK posted:
Am I the only one who has a hard time on the days when it's humid?
I've always said that my worst fibro was in the spring and fall when the changing weather brings a lot of rain and days that are just damp.

Here in W NY state, we're having a lot of general rain and thunderstorms. The creeks are flooding. Of course, this means that the flares are fuming, too.

There are a lot of things we can prepare for: company visiting, special holiday or birthday dinners, busy time at work for us or loved ones. But do any of you have a way to prepare for or lessen the effects of damp weather on our FM?

I try to get extra rest, but as it's 12:47 EST, I guess you can tell that the body is not having any of that. I try dressing a little warmer to keep from getting a chill. I don't go out in bad weather unless I really have to.

Please, if any of you have found a way to head off problems on damp days I am positive that your tips will help A LOT of us.

Thanks for any help,

Wolfsong452 responded:
rain, rain, rain, either cold, or warm, humidity, humidity

hate, hate hate,

haven't found anything that is helping me.

I guess I can also say HOT, HOT, HOT, TOO MUCH SUN.

you should see my face right now it looks like a majjor sun burn. All I did was do some light driving today.

guess it's the meds. and my roseaca

When you find something that helps keep me informed. please
fibrokathy responded:
I am new to this forum and feel the same as you about the rainy and cold, damp weather. I live in SE Michigan and it also has been damp and cold for days on end and NO SUNSHINE.

I take hot baths and use a heading pad and pray for better weather.

maryalc responded:
All I can add is I am the same. I am in N E OH. Right now it is cool and damp. I hurt. I am also getting over a bout with bronchitis, then a fibro flare. Hard to separate which is which. I agree also to hot, humid and I can't tolerate too much sun. The only thing I do, is to try to carry on. Distract myself. Get out for fun activities if possible. I needlepoint, so that soothes me. I read. A good book works. Interesting TV. Whatever you like. If working, hopefully co workers are pleasant, and that being busy is good. I nap more. Seems at just short of 70, I have no choice, especially when the weather is against me.
BetteK replied to maryalc's response:

I'll turn 70 this year. You're right. We seem to need a lot more down time as we get older. I've had the fibro for 41 years now, and have needed more quiet time than most people. Of course, hubby is a boisterous, gregarious type who always has to have people around him. But even he has slowed down in the past few years.

I think our whole regulatory system is out of sync with the FM. It's hard to sleep at night. There is a narrow band of temperatures that feel comfortable. (68 to 72 degrees F.for me.) A little sun is too much. And then there is the joy of irritable bowel, bladder, (insert body part here). We are just de- or dis- or un-regulated.

Hey, the sun is peeking through the clouds. I see a little blue sky up there too. Time to remember it is SUNday.


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