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    TGIF****Roll Call****4/12/2013 ****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC where the storm has arrived and already passed through....not sure exactly when it started and stopped but I can see that it left a lot of moisture on the grounds. I did not hear it but the furbabies woke me up slightly before 4 am and I was not a happy person. I thought that they needed to go outside but that was not the case. Something had happened which scared them and they just wanted to be close to a person. So I went in and left them come out. It was raining some then but not a lot but they still have no interest in going outside.

    I was able to drift back to sleep but I woke up really very tired again this morning. Broken up sleep patterns does not help my mind or my body at all. Don't exactly understand the process but when such as this takes place it is like I have not slept at all. So I am in *slow motion* this morning. Yawning also like I still need to sleep.

    I do hope everyone else had a good night's rest and I do hope today will be a good day for us all. I am sure it is going to be a very long day for me.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FMily. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. There are no quick fixes that I am aware of so it does take time and effort to find the exact right combination what might work for you.

    I would suggest that you review the info under *tips* and *resources* and be sure and review the *member toolbox* which offers some good tools to try.

    Vitamin sure and speak to your doctor about Vitamin D test. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people and it can also affect other illnesses as well. Do some research on Vitamin D. It is quite interesting what has been discovered through medical research about it.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it on this Friday in April.

    Have a good day and enjoy some sunshine it you can.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    missist responded:
    Good Morning All!
    We too had a storm last night, judging by the clouds moving over my little lake here in SC it appears the wind has changed. As everything now is going toward the west instead of coming from it.
    I had a good night's sleep one of the first in a few weeks at least. No waking up numb or jerking around or odd pains. Woke and was able to get out of bed pretty easy for once. I think it is the higher dose of Celebrex--still feel I could take just one more dose in the middle of the day, so I am taking my morning one a little later until I see dr. again.

    Now that a lot of my pain is calmed down I can feel pin pricks where nerves are I think---before it was just whole areas that were sore and still. I am still convinced this is ALL from my spine--but try to get a dr to believe it. I've had degenerative disc since I was in my 20s. Also scoliosis. Chiropracters can see that--but medical doctors don't really even think of the skeleton I think. Sadly I don't have insurance that covers chiro, and I think RX meds do help--but I think for me-fibromyalgia/chronic pain syndrome all began with the spine and the nerves.

    Well, I don't know why I need to KNOW so much, perhaps, as a spiritual person I should now just consider that this is God's will for me, and that seems a better way to look at it.

    I was reading a little in my Bible this morning and chewing on some verses in Ecclesiastes 3:10,11 and I did a little word study on the word Travail--and came to conclude this:

    1. Our difficulties are gifts from God to 'exercise us'.
    things that are painful and hard; that harass & tire us that cause work to be hard and severe; these are given by God.
    2. We cannot find out the work that God makes in us when the world is in our hearts.
    3.We can know & trust that He makes all things beautiful in His time.

    So while we are here going through all this, we'll be happier, I think, to trust He knows what He's doing and that this will be a beautiful thing created in us when His work is done.

    I think for me, this is a really good way to look at the pain and depression and all that comes along with it--like other people not being as supportive or kind as one would wish, doctors that are uncaring or prescribe the wrong thing.
    The loss of things we used to do-- jobs maybe, abilities , etc.

    So-- I will learn now to stop being so upset at things I can't change and to continue to seek the help I need but to also try to be more positive with it.

    Anyhow --so that's where I am today.

    I"m also thinking --because I am an artist & writer--of something I can make to express what I'm thinking here.

    Blessings all! Hope your days are light and easy.
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    TGIF to MiMi, Mary and that follow. I hope you had a good yeterday and that your today doesn't have you dealing with fibro issues or pain.

    MiMi,Mary in SC, so glad the storm has passed you now and that your weather can turn back to spring like. It's sunny but cool here right now. It's supposed to get up in to the mid 60's today and warmer still as the days go by. Yippee. Will be 80 in a few days and I am so ready for that!

    As soon as I post this I have to head out side and put the plants, ferns and wind chimes back up ( took um down for the in coming storm ) and the few hummingbird feeders we have out now back in place now that the storm has passed us. We are hoping that the little birds come early this year, we could sure use their buzz buzz, zoom zooming around the yard about now. Their so delgihtful to watch and DH makes his day around making sure their feed with sugar water and water. He makes our yard a haven for them. We had 42 of the little birds here last year. I told DH what will you do if they come back to our yard with young ones? Double 42 and they'll be way too many for us to take care of. He just smiled. and said what's the old adage " God will provide a way. "

    Have a few errands to run today and then over to get my back adjusted. Been awhile since I have just not felt like having my back touched or moved. I do so hate when fibro takes things away from me, but honestly I just felt it would be to painful to do.

    Am still waiting for my Rheumy to call so I can find out just what my test results were from Monday. I am in a quandry as one dr is saying one thing about where Vit D levels should be and conflicting info from another. I googled about it last night and got some posts saying that it's 20 -40 and others saying it's 30-60. MY PCP says the latest on it is 20-40. Will post back when I know something. Maybe Nancy can give us her thoughts on it.

    Okay, wishing each of you a good day, a pain free day.
    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    teelady1 responded:
    Happy Friday!

    I am very glad it's Friday! Life has been very busy the past couple of weekends - but this weekend I have no plans and look forward to taking it easy at home. Which is good as I'
    m having a flare up right now. Triggered by doing too much and by the really yucky weather we've had this week. (Rainy and cold... doesn't seem like spring in No. IL!)

    Until this flare, I actually had been feeling pretty well and even had a few nights of really good sleep. I hope to get back there after the flare subsides.

    Crocheting and watching the Masters golf tournament! Sounds like a good plan for the weekend!

    Wishing everyone a little or no pain weekend - and good sleep!
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    Good morning.... Or Afternoon depending on where you are... I am feeling cleaned out today... Went to my counselor yesterday and didn't know I was filled with tears but shed oh so many.. About the past... about the future... About the pain/illnesses... Today... About "them"... About me... And I just cried... Until I just suddenly quit... Looked up and smiled and said.. "Wow... That was great!!!"

    I didn't feel it coming... I didn't see it coming... I didn't even feel depressed.... I felt like fighting back at the world and anxious... But that was all... I really don't know where it all came from... Except from being penned up somewhere... I don't talk much to anyone while I am sick... And I was just sick for a long time again... So I guess I just needeed to empty my heart out...

    Maybe it just climaxed... Today is my husbands birthday... He would have been 56 today... I will be 56 in 1 month and 2 days.. We celebrated our birthdays by doing special things the whole time thru... together... It is hard sometimes to think of him as being gone... And I miss him so... But I can feel him with me... It just isn't the same... I miss him so... I don't think the pain and missing him like this will ever go away... He died on the 26th of Dec. 2011... We just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on the 25th... We were apart... He and I couldn't take care of each other anymore.. But we were planning on trying to move him to AZ last summer.. He just left too soon... I couldn't go back to say good-bye.. Maybe if I could have...

    I am thinking more of our good times and celebrations together then of that stuff tho.... But even they bring tears to my eyes... Happy tears and sad... I was thinking of doing something we use to do when he was a truck driver and I was in the truck with him... We got those little cupcakes and those were our cakes... Maybe I will get some for me and my family and share his birthday cake with them... Is that stupid?

    I have been up pretty much for 3 days... Get pretty beat and in a lot of pain at night but what's new... lol... I feel stronger every day... I am eating better... not too hungry today but I think it is emotional today... lol... either that or I got filled up yesterday... I was hungry and actually ate the way I was suppose to lol... Anyway... I feel better... Still having a few stomach cramps.... But I see my dr Tuesday and hoping he will see some improvement by then...

    Lost some more weight... Yeh again the hard way but I lost... Still have plenty to lose... But I am working on it and when you can do a lot of exercises to kill the fat it is rough... But I am doing more exercises too... too bad my neck isn't fat lol... That is where the exercises got increased lol...

    I am going in for my next epidural next Wednesday... The last one helped... The pain that was excruciating in my neck is nowhere near that... and was gone till yesterday or night before... I have some trouble on my right side again now and in my right arm and hand but also not near the pain I had before... So.. Let's go for it..

    I hope you all didn't get bored again lol... I just talk too much...

    Be good to yourself... You, are the only you, you have...

    Take care... Love.. Jan/Dakota
    dollbug replied to dakotaspirit1957's response:
    Hello Jan....I am also having issues up too darn early this morning....have no energy today....and am having issues with allergies also....none of which is good for me. I can NOT even imagine being up for 3 days...I would no doubt be a zombie.

    I do hope that you will try to get some much needed rest. I am hoping that I can find some energy as well. I need to be doing some things today. I thought if I rested this morning I would feel better. But that did not I feel even worse now.

    Well, I am sure this too will eventually pass. Things have to get better for us....sooner or later....right?

    Take care and feel better soon.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    MiMi, sorry you are dragging today. I wish you a really good night's sleep toight.

    I thought I'd post what the Vandy Rheumy told me abouth Vid D3 after I asked this morning. I was told the normal levels for the D3 and B12 are as follows

    D3 is 30 -80. I was 81. I was told to back off using D3 for 3 weeks to bring it down. My PCP said the same thing yesterday, but with totally different numbers. Okay, with the sun out now and winter gone.. yes gone, I can do this.

    B 12 is 300 - 1000. I was over the B12 highest by 600. And No I have no earthly idea how I managed to do that. So I need to stop it for a month, then use a lower B12 dose. Okay, I can do that as well.

    My PCP was wrong about the numbers, but right about stopping the supplements for a couple of weeks. I love it when things work out.
    Gentle hugs, Linda R.
    missist replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    So glad you mentioned humming birds! I called Hubby and found he was just about to leave the place in NC and come home so I was able to tell him to grab my feeders. We should have them soon.
    missist replied to dakotaspirit1957's response:
    didn't get bored at all, so sorry to read your pain. Hope things improve with the warmer weather and the epidural.

    one thing I was spurred to do is go run over and leave my widowed neighbor a note to call me. I've recently moved to a new place and I met her once when I was walking my dogs and we talked about getting together but never did, so now I realize how much someone could need a friend, maybe even be lonelier than I am. So thank you for sharing and reminding me that widows need someone.

    Hope your weekend is lovely.
    fibroinsd responded:

    glad to hear from you all...especially you glad you got to get so much out...

    things are pretty normal...we seem to have lots of bees trying to nest and I am trying to get them to go elsewhere..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    Wolfsong452 responded:
    well I'm checking in for Fri. but it looks like I missed it by a bit.

    oh well, I can say that I've checked in for Sat

    not much going on have been cruddy the last 2 days, that's the best way to discribe it.

    thinking I'm needing some cuddle time, yet, Boyfriend has been working over time so I have to wait.
    jillylin responded:
    Hello my fibrofamily,
    we have seen the storms on our news and I hope you all are safe. It looked terrible.
    I am late as usual, just not doing too great here. My mom died at the end of January and just a few days ago we lost an auntie. Been very stressed over one thing and another. OH had a cancer scare and we are waiting for a blood test to be repeated as the first threw up some abnormalities . Sorry that is all moan
    I had found a sites claiming to "cure" FMS but the main part of the cure seems to be sending them your money.
    Jilly in the UK
    dollbug replied to jillylin's response:
    Hello Jilly....MiMi in sorry to hear about your mom and you auntie. I am sure you have been quite stressed over these losses. It takes a very long time to recover from losing a loved one, especially if you were really close to them. I have been there done that and know just how much this can affect a person. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

    I hope your blood test turn out to be ok. Worrying about this is also another stressful issue to deal with.

    Yep....I think we all know that there are no *cures* for FM. If it is too good to be true....then you are wasting both your time and your money. You know that IF there was a cure for it....I am sure the public would indeed know. I think we all continue to *hope* for a cure or at least something that will help all of us. This is why we are here. I am quite thankful that I have found things that help, as I do know things could indeed much worse, been there done that.

    Take care and I hope things get better for you soon.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    rudyandirmouse replied to jillylin's response:
    Hi Jilly, please accept my deepest condolances on the loss of your mother and aunt. I hope that things even out there and you begin to feel less stressed out.

    I hope the test that come back all show you are A OK. Please let us know.

    As for the fibro cure, don't we all wish!
    Gentle hugs <<< HUGS >>>, Linda R

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