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muscle spasms, heebie geebies
Wolfsong452 posted:
ok. what can I do to make them go away. I"m sitting here at work, I tried different chairs, I put my head down, I wallk around I even went to my car and tried to nap there hoping tha something would make it go away.

I took my muscle relaxor and a low dose pain medicine. I"m done my meditation, and stretching

I wished I had one of those socks with rice in them tha you put in the microwave.

going absolutely crazy here,.
booch007 responded:
Good morning for me....HEAT is what I would use. Whether a thermacare Patch or got my hands on the heating pad. I also have (lucky me) a blanket warmer that I can wrap up in.

I know exactly what you were feeling. I hate it when it happens. I also have had to stop in my tracks, that the muscles everywhere else shut down....

Sit heat on and get the head and neck leaning on something (the car was a great idea). Other then that, you did everythign I would have.....sorry you got in trouble. Hoep you are better as I write this note.

Nancy B
Wolfsong452 replied to booch007's response:

I am going to check into the thermacare patches. I'm also going to start bringing my tube sock full of rice to work.

When I'm at home I take a shower as hot as I can. I had to shower at least 3 times when I met to bed. Once before bed, then a couple of hours later and then finally a 3rd time. When then slept soundly, just not long enough due to phone calls.


I don't know about the heating pad a work, but that's a thought.

big thanks

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