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    Monday, Monday****April 15, 2013 ****Mail those Taxes in*
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC....where it rained a good bit last night and this morning. At least the furbabies did not wake me up....but Harley did. I am keeping her this morning since my son is still here. It has cooled down and is 56* right now. I hope it soon dries up though. The dampness does not help my body at all.

    I do hope everyone had a good week-end. As I said my granddaughter was sick and did NOT want to go home. She wanted to stay with her dad and her aunt. And then my little grandson got sick on Saturday night. Do not think he got sick from my granddaughter but he was really sick. So now I am indeed worried about my granddaughter getting something from him as well.

    My allergies affecting my eyes has really been bad this spring. I have only had problems for a few years now. It seems like each year though it gets worse. Just another issue to deal with.

    It seems almost like NC has skipped spring time again this year and started summer like weather instead. 80's over the week-end.
    I was so hoping that we would get nice warm weather for a while, not do directly to hot weather. But I guess we do not always get what we want.

    OK....remember today is the deadline for tax forms to be mailed. Saturday my DH took ours to the PO and mailed them. So one thing out of the way.

    Here is hoping each of you have a great Monday with little to no pain.

    That's all folks.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Tax Monday everyone. I hope your weekend went well and that you each had sunshine, warm temps and blue skies over you.

    It's beautiful here. Sunny and warm. I have doors and windows open and it's so nice to have the heaters off and be able to shake off the cold of the past few weeks, months.

    Our back yard is filled with colors again. Birds are chirping, bumble bees are going from one flowered plant to another and I am just as happy as I can be! Bought more plants and flowers yesterday with DH. The back yard has come back to life. It's for sure, it's spring here in middle Tennessee.

    No plans for today other than to enjoy it! But I am feeling so much better now that I could do anything I set my mind to and the body will follow right along. I guess it's cause everything is settling down for me with my fibro conditions
    The IBS is waining away with the help of new, much, much better probotics! My PCP suggested I get one that had more cultures and the one I got @ Whole Foods has 13 and they seem to be what my gut needed cause I'm feeling soooo much better.

    Have also noticed that I don't need the Gabapentin but @ night now and I am betting that I stop taking that one as well by month's end. Yippee.

    Do miss taking my D3 and B12 as I had become so accustomed to taking them in the a.m., but I saw the numbers and I was over on the D3 and the B12 by a lot, so am taking the PCP and Rhuemy's advice and stopping it as of last week. But I did get out of ddors this a.m. and got a little D from Mother Nature. Nice I will say this about the D3 with it and just one tums 750 a day I, again, have brought my bone desnsity up and if I do that same thing next year my bones will be in the normal range. D3 does work in wonderous way I'm sure of it.

    MiMi, I do hope your little ones are all feeling better now. I hope your grand daughter didn't get sick either. And I know it's hard to see your grand daughter so sad at having to leave but in just a few more weeks she'll have the whole weekend and that will make a whole world of difference for her, your son and the whole family.

    angelswife, where are you? Hope you are okay and have the infection gone.

    Nancy, Whew, you sound busy, sorry they have you in a quiet room I know that must not be a lot of fun.

    Jan, I hope your feeling better today. I hope your grand kids didn't wear you out.. mine ususally do, disney channel, X Box or not. It's always something.

    Cory, I hope your back pain has eased off and that your doctor figures out why it has been hurting you so badly.. also that he can give you something to help ease the pain and fix the problem.

    Okay, gotta get up from the lap top and get my day going.. Gentle hugs to all, Linda R.
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Hello everyone, I am doing just well enough that I made it to work this morning. I was lucky that work was light today. There was plenty to do but it wasn't tough.

    I have a script for muscle relaxers for my back and I have been taking them every night for 2 weeks, and three times a day on the weekends. I don't like to take meds while working in an industrial environment. It's just too dangerous.

    I should just make an appointment with my Dr. and see what the next step is. I hate to have major problems when the DW is in school full time.

    Everyone is so tired of moving snow that my clients on the block have no problem with just letting it melt as long as they can get their cars out. I have not had to move any of the heavy snow from yesterday. Big Jeeps drive over lots of snow:) We are also supposed to get yet another 3-6" Wed. night. Craziness. I saw a very disgruntled looking robin on my short walk this evening.

    The bombings in Boston are horrible. My thoughts are with those people this evening. Yet another terrible tragedy that should never happen. It's sad that there is so much anger in anyone's heart that they inflict pain on others.

    I hope you all have a good evening. Give your loved ones a squeeze and don't forget to say I love you every day.

    BetteK responded:
    Good Early Morning to all of you.

    It's 1:38 A.M. and sleep is still hours away. Fatigue's here, sleep's not. Here in WNY we had our first 70 degree day since November 12. Cold front's coming in Tuesday afternoon and bringing some hit or miss showers, but we actually had TWO decent days in a row!

    Hubby's invited company 3 times in the past week. I understand that his friends are widowers living alone and don't like to cook. I love to cook, but I no longer have the energy to do those big company dinners. I'm 69. I have fibromyalgia. I have gout in my neck and osteoarthritis in the rest of my spine. My hip replacement is much better than the old hip was, but it still hurts when I overdo. He says he'll do everything, then STARTS his potatoes or scrubs the kitchen floor as our guests are arriving. That way everyone can see that HE'S doing MY work.(When I do a dinner, I set the table in the morning, peel potatoes around noon, clean the day before, and generally pace myself, but it's still too much to do more than a few times a year.)

    We've always been the kind of farm family who welcomed everyone into our home. Anyone who is here at mealtimes joins us at the table. Now that I can no longer sustain this type of life, I'm made to feel that I SHOULD still do it. If I don't, then hubby does his version of things and makes me feel guilty.

    And here I am COMPLAINING because my husband cooks me a dinner! Must be the fibrofog--or something.


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