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Morning remedies
tamiame posted:
Hi, Anyone have some idea's on getting out of bed in the morning faster. It is difficult for me to work through the pain in the morning and is effecting my work life.
NeNe_11 responded:
It is very hard for me to get out of bed as well. I gently stretch my arms over my head & point & flex my feet. Then I roll on my side & scoot to the edge of the bed & then roll off. Gentle stretching throughout the day help as well.
missist responded:
gosh.. you may need to start earlier. sorry. I have to flex and flex before I put my feet on the ground--afraid I'll fall if they aren't ready. Then I sit and have coffee for a while before I"m ready to move about much.
BetteK responded:

Have you tried doing a series of stretches before you get out of bed? Then shuffle into the bathroom and take a 20 minute shower. You can stretch shoulders and neck in there, too.

It helps to have all your clothes ready the night before--even the undies and socks/stockings. Then you can sit on side of your bed and get dressed while you're still warm from the shower. (If you take time rooting for clothes, your body will cool down and you'll be hurting while you're dressing.)

At night, after you've laid out tomorrow's clothes, grab your pj's and take a warm bath or shower, climb into those jammies, and go to bed. You may even get some deep, restful sleep.

Try some of these. They may help you.

booch007 responded:
Hey Hi Tamiame,

This is the worst part of my Bette said, stretching in the warm sheets before rising was very important. EVERY muscle gets attended to by me. My hands to my feet and after the stretch I pull em back in toward the core to relax.

I do this a couple of times (my poor husband). The thing I also started doing from the beginning was the muscle relaxant and pain med before bedtime to help. It did, the next was major attention to rehydrating my body. This took about 30-60 days of replenishing water into the system...then suddenly in the morning when I stretched IT HAPPENED.

For so long I laughed when the docs said stretch as I knew the body didn't listen, I think the muscles were dehydrated at that time. With the IBS label (actually was gluten) I lost so many minerals, elements and luid over the years. So now I am rehydrated and function better.

I take Mg 250 twice a day to help my muscles too. CoQ10 200mg once a day to help the cells. Vit B complex for the nervous system.

Well that is my toolbox trick for this issue. Hope it may have helped you.

I always talk about the book I use also. FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain, a survival manual, by Dr Devin Starlanyl.
Look it up on Good luck, Nancy B
BetteK replied to booch007's response:
Nancy, did you know that Dr. Starlanyl (Dr Devin in my hero-worshiping mind) has two editions of the survival manual AND a trigger point manual? They are, of course, all great.

Hope you all enjoy every bit of your Sunday. Ours is cold but crystal clear and beautiful. The guys (DH & #1 Son) went to get a new battery for son's 2 week old cellphone. So much for the great deal from Verizon. Contraption conked out on him at work and boss could not raise him. Had to use boss's phone to let us know about overtime and late dinner.

Remember your stretches, pacing, hydration, and to take any meds on time every time--same time every day.

Towards better and better days,


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