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Stomach pain
lilybarney posted:
Hi fellow sufferers! I was diagnosed many years ago but am now suffering from severe stomach pain which my dr says is due to fibro. I'm already on opiates. Anyone have any ideas for relieving this pain? All tests, (CT scan, EGD) have come back negative. BTW, first support group. Thanks for being there and any help u can provide.
BetteK responded:

Nothing about FM would surprise me. (My migranes went away after LASEK took my thick glasses away too.) When I was on opiates, I was always taking laxatives. If this is true for you too, maybe the chronic laxative use is your problem.
Just a thought.

I've been having trouble swollowing. After all the tests were negative, my nurse practicioner put me on Nexium. It's not gone, but it's better in the month I've been taking it. See her again next week.

Among the things that I've had through the last 40 years that seem to be part of the fibro: irritable bowel and bladder, tarsal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, painful and heavy menstrual periods, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, unexplained rectal bleeding, and of course the migranes.

So yes, Lily, this could be from the fibro. It could also be from something entirely different. Keep after your doctor. She should not leave you in pain--especially new, severe pain--and just assume it is fibro. And even if it is your FM, there must be ways to soothe this pain until it goes away to reappear someplace else.

I'm sure others will have more, and much more helpful, info. Stay with us. We care.


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