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    mood swings
    Wolfsong452 posted:
    this has been a totally up and down month. Started out good, then aroud the 6th, started getting to where I was wanting excessive cuddle time, from the guy I'm datin. I'd also run the gaunlet from, fun teasing via texting in such a way to dstract him from work. hee hee. Due to the way he works, we've communicated mostly by text messages during the day. He's a finance manager. Well it's kind of funny, as these texts are kind of a journal for me. I've been able to follow my moods,
    so going from the cuddle, to the teasing, to feeling cruddy, to being a bit better but still feeling cruddy, then taking the texting teasing farther than it should have gone, made him have to snap at me. (my fault) I've also snapped and gone off at my father and my brother, (hey both needed it badly. I'm usually the calm one)

    seems like this week has climaxed everything. Like I said, part of the day could be light and fun, but feeling cruddy, then later could be to the point I'm glad I don't work with anyone. In one of those moods that I'd bite the head off of someone close to me.

    no, it isn't all due to night time, I've been extremely cruddy feeling in the early morning.

    Well today I feel that I might have come to the end. Got angry with my father, was disappointed with boyfriend he wasn't able to come over. So had some screaming at father, after I hung up I was weeping and texting Boyfriend, and crying more then.

    Now, 4 hours later, I'm feeling more calm than I've been all month.

    Sometimes I can be sick and know I'm sick, but can't tell you where until it's almost over. Like if something is in pain, I can't tell you where until it stops. I've had some sinus thingy, and the ears have popped, that felt better

    I've also had some pains, elbow,wrist, knees, where almost everywhere, but is one place worse than the other ? I don't know.

    I've had to take multiple hot showers, have used the thermal patches, have done the rice sock in the mircowave,

    lets hope this is the end.

    Anyone thing I should inform my pain managment doctor of all of this. Give them a short verision of the schedule?

    I've been going to the gym about 2 times a week, I know I should go more, but it's hard. I've also been on a sugar binge, ice cream and apple pastries all this week. I know, bad, bad, bad,

    now I wasn't sugar crazy this whole month, just this week.
    If I didn't know better I'd say it was PMS, nope, been in menopause for almost 5 years. Or maybe I'm even out of it.

    oh well, thanks for letting me vent.
    dollbug responded:
    Hi Sharon.....OMG.....sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. MiMi in NC. I wanted to tell you that perhaps you need to follow your mood change and figure out IF indeed it is PMS. I had a hysterectomy when I was 42 and I am now 60. Yes, I still have PMS and I know this is what it is. I have it each and every month. So just so you are in menopause does NOT mean you do not have PMS. I remember speaking to the doctor about mind ups and downs and him telling me just because he got rid of the mess that I would have to learn to deal with the PMS because there was not a lot he could do about this. So I did follow mine and found out that each and every month close to the same time every month I do experience is a given, whether we like it or not.

    Get yourself a calendar and track it. I bet you will be quite shocked when you do this for 3 months or so to see just where you stand.

    I know that there were times when mine was so much worse than it is now.....I am thinking it might be due to my age but I really have no idea. I know for a couple of years the hot flashes were awful....and then these got so much better and now I hardly ever have them. I think every woman goes through such as this.

    A sugar binge will only make things worse. Try to get you some fruit or perhaps some lifesavers instead. Or perhaps you can just not *think* about it. I know this does not always work though regardless.

    I have thought that perhaps things will get better as we age. I have read that most people get FM between certain ages....I think 54 was the top number. I laugh since this is actually when around the time when I was at the worse. is hoping things get better for you soon. Try to keep yourself on some sort of schedule of sorts....which I have found helps me.

    Drink plenty of water and try to watch what you eat.

    Talk to your pain management doctor about this. Perhaps they might have some suggestions for you as well.

    Take care and good luck. I am glad you are keeping in contact with the FMily....we do care and we know what you are dealing with.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    missist replied to dollbug's response:
    I have ups and downs a lot too-and I'm in my 50s! I think part of it could be pms--but I think the fibro does it too.

    I didn't think of telling my doctor but he asked! And put me on celexa to boost my serotonin and hopefully help me be more stable moodwise.

    I do think you should talk to your doctor about your moods, this is such a complicated all encompassing thing-- my dr explained to me that my central nervous system is actually causing all this stuff. And I didn't know if I believed that but I have to admit the meds he has given me are definitely helping.

    Another thing--you can have more than one problem. You could be cyclthymic--which is a sort of faster cycling but less severe version of bi-polar.

    Anything you can do to help yourself be more on an even keel will help your relationships and your pain level! Do call and talk your doctor or the nurse and tell them you have been experiencing a great deal of mood swings and it is causing you and your loved ones problems and ask if you can get an appointment to talk about some medical options for that.

    I will be praying for you! Get some help. It may take a little while but it will be worth it. Also be honest with family and friends and apologize where it is due but let them know you are going to try to manage this better.

    Wolfsong452 replied to missist's response:
    PMS! ok, I can see that, but didn't really see it. Never really had hot flashes, though right now I"m sitting in front of a small fan but I'm in a stuffy office. and it's 40 degrees outside, and raining.

    so, hmmm........

    the sugar binge I know isn't helping.

    Today I seem much better after having a bit of a cry last night, after fighting with my father, texting Boyfriend who won't be able to see me this weekend, so, weeping and crying on the way to work, seemed to relieve the problem a bit.

    At least to the point that I now know that I have a sinus thingy going on, along with pain here there and everywhere, elbow, wrist, knees, shoulder.

    I wasn't able to tell before today what was bothering me the most.

    so, I've been finally treating myself, and feeling better.

    Bi-polar, don't think so,

    it's more depression, to much sugar, too much pain, and too much drama in my life.

    a nice vacation might help, but, who has the money!

    anyway, doing better,

    yes, I will pass the info on to the PCP thing is, we've just about run out of anti-depressants, insurance won't cover any more and I'm at the maximum dose they will pay for.
    Wolfsong452 replied to dollbug's response:
    blowing up with certain family members, should have happened a long time ago,

    I've been the mediator for too long.

    Now I"m stepping up and won't let them walk all over me anymore. Making me be the referee
    missist replied to Wolfsong452's response:
    Hi Wolfbug!
    Glad you are feeling better.

    don't know where you are, I'm in US. The anti depressants I use are generic and old and cost about $4.00 a month at Walmart-- I get them elsewhere ,but they are still about $4.

    So-- if you do feel you would like help--mine are really more to boost serotonin and one is for nerve pain--but they are antidepressants--

    Depression is well known to accompany fibromyalgia. I would think mood swings too--since the pain swings.

    Anyhow there are older reliable drugs that are quite cheap.

    Hope you have a very nice weekend!
    Got you in my prayers!
    missist replied to Wolfsong452's response:
    Hi Sharon!
    Been praying for you.

    I'm glad you'll talk to your dr. BTW-- there are very cheap anti depressants. I have 2 in my daily pills-- they're about $4 a month each. I think Walmart has them for about that price too.

    Also-- I can understand there being good reason to blow up at family sometimes. I don't do that anymore really, but sometimes did years ago. Probably not the most effective way to communicate, but then again, it did get their attention.

    So glad you feel a little better and more 'self aware' so you can pinpoint what you are dealing with.

    hope you have a good weekend, will keep praying for you!
    Wolfsong452 replied to missist's response:

    thank you for the anti-depressants advice. I'm located in Indiana,

    I'm on 2 different anti-depressants, Wellbutrin, and cymbalta?

    heck, not sure if the second one, I do know I am on cymbalta for something.

    Also, a muscle relaxer, cyclo-something,

    blood pressure, 2 types, guess one might be a water pill,

    cholestrol medicine, wanted to fight the doctor on this one, thought I'd control it by diet. They said nope, so I gave in.

    norco for the pain,

    also vitamin D, and a B12 supplement, thought it was a complete B supplement, anyway.

    also a vitamin for women over 50.

    most of my meds. don't cost more than $5.00, vitamins are $2.00, though I did buy some on my own at the health food store.

    Got some sinus spray that the ENT Doctor gave me, thought it was a joke, as he also wanted me to take meds. because the spray can cause acid reflux.

    Finally been trying the spray,

    wow! now I know how it feels to hear again! my ears had been stopped up, hadn't really noticed. hmmm, says something about my social life. No one said anything.

    so all in all, it's been a bit better the last couple of days.
    missist replied to Wolfsong452's response:
    LOL! my social life is pretty limited too. Hubby however does remark that I'm deaf-- which I'm not but hearing is not as good as it once was--and yes plugged. What sinus spray are you using? I use flonase and it has not unplugged my ears.

    crazy all the stuff you need to take isn't it?

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