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Vitamin D Level *****FYI
dollbug posted:
Hello FMily. I wanted to share with you today that I was watching Dr. Oz and he was talking about Vitamin D. He said that he thinks people should keep their levels around 50. I know that I have read different things about the *normal levels* and what people should try to keep their levels at.

Just wanted to share this with everyone since I do not know who watches him and if the same program is shown at different locations.


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missist responded:
My sister and I both tested low for D. I was RX'd 1000 per day, she was taking something quite high--5000 maybe? cant recall. She does not have fibro--although our mother did and at least 2 of her 3 sisters and probably thier mom --- not sure-- she died some time ago--I just know her symptoms would probably have fit.

There is also a lot of arthritis in my family and osteo porosis.

I found when I took D it helped me out of a depression and overwhelming pain/fog.. but its not a cure all---i do think it makes a difference though--agreed. no one thing seems to do the trick.
rosielou responded:
Hi Mimi,

I agree with you about the importance of D to our health. It's interesting how the talk is changing about "best" levels. Back in 2005 (or so) when I had my first vitamin D test, it was very low of course, and was instructed to try to get it to something like 70-80.

Getting it up to and keeping it at that level was difficult, was taking as much as 5000iu a day. Then that triggered some problems with my calcium levels so now I take a moderate 1000iu a day, and the blood level has stayed around mid 30s.

My doc says there is some research out there about some who are overly sensitive to D3 supplements, but I haven't seen it. Since you're on top of that kind of material I was wondering if you've run across anything about that?

I appreciate the time you put into helping us with this stuff. Thanks for that.

Wolfsong452 responded:
well MiMi,

I've been after my doctor to keep up on my Vitamin D. last time it was taken it was back down to 11. This was after I'd been on the 50,000 IU twice a week back in the summer. After that script was done, they said go on the over the counter stuff.

well, now it's 11 again. They still want me to take an OTC stuff.

I've put myself on 1000 Vitamin D a day. I'm already feeling better. Though the month of April has been very bad for me.

I've also included in my regime a B supplement. hmm, thinking it's a B6, might be wrong, I'm also taking a Magesium. and a multi vitamin for women over 50.

Going to give all of this a 6 month try, then try and tweak it some more.

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