Wolfsong452 posted:
sitting here boo hoo, boyfriend is always busy at work, works 8am supposed to get off at 8pm, but since he's manager, he sometimes stays till 11pm or he's with his kids. BF is off work Wed. & Sun. he gets his kids every other weekend, and his one son every Wed. or when ever the son just want to drop in. Nice arrangement isn't it.

well, that's why I'm boo hooing, not enough time for me,

then I stopped to think about it, even if BF had nothing to do, got work at 5 pm, was free Sat. & Sun. we still wouldn't have much time, BECAUSE

I work Thurs night 10 pm till Fri. 6 am
then Fri. 10pm, till Sat. 6 am,
Sat. 10pm till Sun. 6am
Sun 10pm till Mon. 6 am.

so, heck, if he wanted to do something in the day time on the weekends,

I can't go! because I NEED TO SLEEP so I can work those evenings!

so it isn't him or his kids,


dollbug responded:
Hello Sharon.,.,,,.sorry that things are not working out like you hoped they would. So perhaps you two should dedicate a time and perhaps a place to have a *date night*? Would this work or not? If he is a manager perhaps it might not work. I have no idea. I know that my DH is always working too. So I know just how you feel. I have found out though that over time life is never what I had expected it to be. Perhaps I just thought it would be better.

I had hoped to work until I retired....which did not happen. I had hoped to travel a lot once I no longer worked....that has not happened either. I guess we all have big dreams. I was telling one of my old friends from high school that overall though, my life has been good. I am sure it could have been better or much worse....I went to Hawaii years ago and I have been to Canada and Niagara Falls and out west to the Yellowstone and Tetons Mountains...and to the Grand Canyon...and also to several trips off and on to the beach. Years ago I went to see Elvis and Tom Jones....so my life has not been bored.

I raised 3 children in the same town and I now have 3 grandchildren and another on the way. I love my children and grand children dearly. They are my life and this is what is really important to me.

Sometimes Sharon we just have to figure out things and do what we think is best. I hope that you and your BF can get something worked out.

Take care and good luck.


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