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Happy Monday
franr posted:
Good Morning Everyone
I havenot posted since last Monday as with most of the country it has been a very sad week here in Boston. I have ben sick with with a bronchial infection and this has brought on symptoms of the fibromylgia.As i get older now it seems every little cold affects me. But this infection had me down with a fever for a week.This brought on more anixety and some depression On top of all the saddness here we recieved news that my dear friends daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.She is only 40 with two young children.What a week. I nam going to look forward pray that we can all overcome our problems. Please keep all of the Boston area in your prayers. Hugs Fran
missist responded:
Hi Fran,
I'm not sure I've met you, but then with my memory we could best buds.

Just wanted to say very sad about Boston.. and Texas-- my goodness! So many things going on these days.

I would take a nose dive too if that was my city.
(well I don't live in a city..but I would!)

I will sure add you to my prayer list, and hope you get some real nice weather and take a little walk out in the spring air and sunshine soon, and feel better. Terrible time of year to be sick.

Love and Peace to you!!

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