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tramadol for cough
AStinnett78 posted:
I have a very bad dry cough and found out that tramadol helps my cough alot but I would like to know if tramadol can completely cure a cough or in other words git rid of a cough forever?
BetteK responded:
A Stinnett, Lots of things can help het rid of a bad cough. Dectromephorphane wors well, for Robatussin. Triaminid and Vicks have good products tool

The Tramadol you spoke about is a pretty heavy hitter of a pain killer. I used to have to inject myself with trmadol 3 times a day. Fun, huh?

I think you can see that unless the over the counter meds are totallly useless for your cough, it would be much more medicine that you needed..

Talk with your friendly neighbor hood pharmacist. She will be glad to help you find a formula that does everything you want it to and --equally importantly--nothing you do not want.

If you come to a place where you cannot control your fibromyalgia pain with other meds, then you might wish to discuss injecting yourself with tramadol l It is a decision you would have to make with your physician.


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