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Fibromyalgia Medicine and Medical treatments
0newaytogo posted:
Has anyone found anything that actually helps. I have been on Gabapantin, Lyrica, Cymbalta, My newest pain doctor is having me try them again but I am losing hope. Hydrocodine is the only medicine that takes the edge off my pain but my doctors do not want to prescribe it anymore because it was reclassified last year. Has anyone tried pot and if so what kind. I live in Washington where it is legal so would consider this route if I knew what type to try and how much. Has anyone tried pain relief injections? My insurance in very limited on PT, massage therapy, accupunture, etc but i AM WORKING ON IT.
missist responded:
Hi, My pain level is not actually bad-- but other symptoms are bugging me now.
For pain I take celebrex & amitriptilene. Celebrex is an nsaid--i'm not sure if it is working for fibro or for arthritis--but it definitely does a good job for me. Amitriptilene I have for nerve pain and it does take an edge off too.

I also just began to use gabapentine & celexa but don't know if those help yet.

If you have more than one thng going on--say OA or something I'd try the celebrex- but it is a pricey one.

Otherwise I had some luck with aleeve--but my dr said I was using too much which is why I got the celebrex. If aleeve helps you-- at say 2 otc pills 2x a day-- for a couple days to test it-- then celebrex would as well.

Good luck it is so hard when the pain is the main problem. Its a changing thing fibro--I found that after about 14 years it faded a great deal, but when it came back it changed.

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