Dr denied more meds
An_251647 posted:
I've had 2 back surgeries- the 2nd a spinal fusion w/ instrumentation for fully ruptured disc at L4/5-L5/S1. Now have 2 more herniated discs at L2-3 and L3-4, plus a neck herniation at C5-6 and a T-7 compression fracture. My primary prescribed for me 4 percocet per day off and on as needed for many yrs, until the new herniated discs- went to Dr who did epidural blocks- he prescribed 6 percocet per day bc of new pain to avoid surgery. Now I'm at a pain clinic- so many druggies there- they assume U R 2- Doctor prescribes percocet- back to previous dose B4 new disc herniations- still much pain- he approved 4 more pills per WEEK for work-days, I asked for 3 more since there are 7 days in a week- I need to clan house etc.He denied me the 3 pills for days off AND dropped the newly acquired 4 pills per WEEK! They think they are God bc they know you need it and they can manipulate you- he wants me to see his social worker- the whole depression = pain thing they believe in- I believe pain creates depression- and to deal with doctors who act like god- give it- take it away- he forces worthless "trigger point" injections- been through this B4- didn't work B4 either- it's Xylocaine/ Lidocaine- a temporary numbing agent! They bill like it's surgery. Crazy thing is the same pain management place- different doc over-drugged my 110 lb mother who also has degenerative disc disease- me at 190 lbs can't get more than 120 percs a month- th ey make me go every 2 weeks for 60 pills- Mother got 440 percs a month, plus MANY other type pain pills- like fiorocet- 2 types w/ and w/o aspirin and caffeine, Soma- on and on-It's unreal is what it is! I don't even like pot or anything like that at all! I'm not bothered by those that do, I just don't, but to B denied what is helpin U get along so well!