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Good Link to view....
dollbug posted:

I wanted to share the above link with everyone which is what Dr.

Oz's show featured today. It was quite interesting, to say the very least.

Michael Pollan was also on the show and he has written several books about *cooking*.....he said that people need to make time for things
you value. He spoke about Water, Air, Earth and Fire

People eat so much processed food and use microwaves instead of cooking any longer. This man states this is why people are NOT healthy these days.

My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
BetteK responded:

Wasn't that the most incredible show! It was hard to keep track of all the tips. I was scribbling like mad.

I like the idea of having your biggest meal at lunchtime.

A long time ago, one of the most practical docs around suggested to the older couple next door that they simply stop eating after 5 p.m. Both of them lost at least 50 lbs. within 6 or 8 months! And they actually ate more. They just ate a huge breakfast (eggs fried in real butter!) and had their dinner at midday. They weren 't all that hungry at 4:30, so they didn't eat that much then.

Some of us can take this advice. Some of us just cannot do this because of job/family constraints. But most of us can start in that direction. We can pack a larger lunch. That might eliminate the 3 or 4 p.m. slump many of us feel. Those of us who have a big midday Sunday dinner know how often we don't feel hungry at all at suppertime.

As for me, I'm ready to give this a try. (Were you intrigued by the massage? I was. Did you know that when they do liposuction they massage the fat as they go along? One new technique--seen on Dr. Oz--uses ultrasound to melt the fat before they suck it out. This cuts down on trauma and gets more fat out. Why not massage?)


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