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ActiVe Release therapy question
wondering1 posted:
My doc sent me for Active Release Therapy. I felt the therapist was thorough in his evaluation and then I received my first treatment. It "hurt good." But about 1.5 hours later I started with chills and sick feeling --like the flu. This lasted 24 hours and in the next 48 hours I have been weak and very tired. Is this normal? anyone have ideas? would be grateful.

He wants me to come twice a week for a couple of weeks -- which I cannot do at this rate.

missist responded:
ow. ow.

I have had trouble when I used to for physical therapy-- every time they would massage my neck and shoulders it would make the pain in my arms & numbness multiply about 10 fold.

But then.. my sister, who is also a massage therapist, worked on it for just a few minutes when i was on vacation near her.. and wow-- it was wonderful.

It 'may' be that the person you are seeing can do it a different way and it will help you--or maybe you need a different therapist.

If I were you--I'd tell them what happened an ask if they have an idea why? then go with your gutt-- if you think they are going to make you worse-- tell your dr and see if there is someone else you could see.

very hit & miss It seems.
wondering1 replied to missist's response:
Thanks so much. I see him again W. and will definitely talk with him. Thanks again.

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