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Celexa & other anti depressants.. ?
missist posted:
Does anyone find anti depressants helpful--especially celexa?

I'm on it now for a little more than 3 weeks and I am more tired and fatigued than I was before. I had the same issue when my last dr put me on something--now I'm thinking it was the same thing, I just forgot.

I'm ok with the nightly small dose of amitryptilene but this drug is wrecking my spring.. which we all know in the south that is a precious time. before I know it it'll be oven hot for months.

So-- just wondering is this temporary or should I just tell the dr no more?

I do get depressed /moody but I think I handled it better than I can handle this stuff.

What say you?
sparkyar responded:
I have taken anti depression pills long before I got FM, there are something like 28 different kinds of antidepressants out there.. I found mine only after trying several... Once you get the right one.... oh my.... does it make you feel better..
Sadly it can take up to 6wks sometimes longer to get the full affect of medications like this.. My doc told me this, you know your own body if it is working or not, If you feel it is stay on it if now try something else.. I hope this helps

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