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    Sunday *****April 28, 2013 *****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily.....MiMi in NC where it is damp and more rain expected for the next week.....OMG.....I can already *feel* it and it is NOT GOOD. The temps will be in 60's but there is some chance of rain for the week.

    Had a great time with my granddaughter yesterday. And then last night when it was time to leave she went back into her shell again. It is so very sad. I am sure there is lots to know when she feels comfortable enough to talk about it. I thought it was quite odd. She had to tell me right off that her mom had found an old bike somewhere and got a couple new parts for it an she now owns it. I am sure that she told her mom that her dad was getting her a bike to ride. So they were able to go to a store and she picked out one that she liked. Interesting that she wanted a black boy's bike.....but whatever makes her happy. After all she has been through she deserves to have a happy childhood now. I am just sad that the past 3 years were like it was. When she found out that her games were going to take up her time with her dad she was not thrilled about playing any more. So very sad as she is really good at playing ball.

    Life must go on regardless of what happens. I do know that it could be much worse as I read about other things going on around the world. So much and I often wonder how so much goes on.

    Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all. I do hope somewhere there will be sunshine to enjoy this week.....since I think we will not be the ones to do so.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. It does take time and effort to do this so hang in there and learn all you can about what others have found that has helped them. We should all remember though that what helps one may or may not help another. We are all different and for some reason it takes different combinations of tools that will work for each of us.

    As for is vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well. Love and use my heating pad every day. Don't know how I can manage without it. Actually my old one stopped working and I have to send it off to get it replaced.

    Today I am trying something new.....Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix. Yep.....they have now made it into a item for people to make these themselves.....I hope they turn out as good as they are. I guess we will see.

    Remember to speak to your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level checked.....if you have not already done so. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have a great day.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    missist responded:
    Good Morning Mimi & all..
    We're damp/a little chilly and overcast cloudy with on and off rain too. My lawn and plants look wonderfu. me--not so much. LOL.. I am stiffer than I've been lately. Still much less stiff than before my celebrex as upped.

    I'm hoping to get a bit of housework done today, and pick up a few things I need. also need to cut some wood--or at least get very much ready to--for some things for my etsy shop.

    My dog is getting a little better, his partner smaller dog is very bored of waiting for him to play. He's been quite whiny and pesky this morning.

    I've been working on getting sinks & toilets cleaned this morning--isn't that a fun chore? Its all important.

    I've decided that exercise can mean bouts of housework and short walks and tending my plants--it does not have to mean spending $ on programs I will end up dropping becuase they make me feel worse.

    I've also decided that its time I was the boss of me--and not to let others try to take that position in my life. I know what is wrong with me, and why I feel the way I do--they do not. I'll not be feeling cowed or guilty anymore when I don't measure up. I'll just measure me by my own scale--did I do what I could?

    So that's an interesting change for me I think.

    Loving my plants out on my deck here where I spend a lot of time--I think container plants may just be my permanent gardening. In much of the Carolinas you can leave a perenial in a pot all winter, where I was raised you could not they'd have frozen too much.

    I picked up some old painted wood at my other house--it was in the basement. My daughter rents our house with her family and my youngest son too. I live 15 min from them. So a lot of our tools etc are still there.

    I also found some old plywood and a pallet along the highway and tossed those in my jeep. I have a couple of wood ladders--a small one and a homemade rickety one that I am going to make wood shelves for so I can use them on my deck to hold more plants. Also want to make some planters out of chicken wire, and some wire hangers that I have-- form it over some plastic ugly nursery pots and cover the pots with moss to hide them--so then I'll just wrap the wire around the moss covered pots. I'm trying to spend as little possible on my garden efforts, because I don't bring in much money I feel like that is my job. Do what I can. So my plants this year are almost all from my old garden or from friends. Freebies. Or from seeds.

    This kind of thing is a lot of work--but its work I can do at my leisure--pacing myself--not like a 'real job' where I have to go at someone else's pace and it becomes too painful or stressful to keep up.

    This is also why I have an etsy shop and shop flea markets and such for things. Also I shop aldi & other smaller stores whenever possible. To eliminate the fatigue factor of trying to navigate something like walmart. ugh. I also have a prime membership on so I can get things mail order.. its my way of saving myself as well as money when I need something. With the prime thing I get free shipping on most things.

    Well that's all.
    love & peace to all!

    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Sunday FMily. I hope that you've had a fibro issues and pain free weekend. Not always possible for each of us, but I do so hope it for all anyway.

    This will be short as DH is home and we're taking on outside things today. We've had out fair share of rain these past few days. About 2.05 inches over us, 4- 5 around us. Flood warnings for here and through out the state. Our storm is now over MiMi, sorry, I hope it doesnt cause any flooding issues there.

    It is warm today and the sun is trying to break thru every few minutes. We may get lucky and have half a sunny day. And they say nice days ahead, YIPPEE. Dare I hope they get it right for next week.

    I had to go back to using Gabapentin yesterday. I got deep leg bone pain so bad it hurt to walk. Honestly I had forgotten how bad that pain felt. Why did it kick up now? I think it's because I can't take my Vit D. My not being on it for a week now and now I get deep leg bone pain. that's gotta be the connection. And I haven't had that leg bone pain for years, since I started taking D and now I have it cause I'm not taking my D. That's gotta say something about how well it does helping keep pain away from those of us with fibro. I can also say with pride that because of D I have built bone back. Who'd of thunk it. Only taking D and Tums each morning and each year I get more done back. Gotta Love D3.

    For the newbies here please get your D3 level tested if you haven't alread and if it's low please take supplements. D3 is so important in so many ways. It's not the magic I always hoped for but having the pain back when I had to stop taking it say volumes.

    I'll close this here with ' well wishes' for each of you and I hope the weather over your area is sunshine and warm temps.
    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening everyone. I have been very busy enjoying the weather. We went from highs of about 40 to a peak of 70 in three days. That was yesterday. Today we have clouds but it was still a wonderful day to be out at about 60. Almost all of the snow in town is gone. It's hard to believe it. We have seen snow as late as June, but it never sticks. I think our spring finally made it.

    I have been busy picking agates from the lake shore in the area. They can be tricky to find as many residents and most tourists hunt for them. I probably have more than I need. I will be picking up a rock tumbler soon so I can polish them up. It has been a good relaxing hobby and gets all 4 of us outdoors more.

    My body is in poor shape today. I suppose from the muggy air. It is damp and heavy today. I still managed a short walk to the beach this morning. My back is still my nemesis. It continues to hurt but not bad enough to stop me from doing things. It's just very uncomfortable. I have to sleep flat on my back. At least I can still function. It's a good thing I have a massage scheduled for next week. It's just a couple weeks late.

    The spirit is better. I do struggle with some depression. The fact that I can get outside is a huge plus.

    My mother called me today. She has severe fibro. She is on a morphine pump and has had several surgeries to correct problems associated with her body not healing and infections. Now she has a severe sinus infection. She has smoked like a chimney since 16 and just will not quit. Her husband is also in poor health from smoking. She is small and should be about 115 lbs. She has wasted away to just 80 right now. We do not go to her house because the smell is so bad you have to some home, shower and change clothes. She knows this, but only leaves the house for Dr. appointments. The saddest part of it all is that the has never fought to save herself. She is only 57.

    Life goes on here at my little house. We are all pretty healthy and doing well. I wish the same for you all. Take care everyone.

    dollbug replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    Hello glad to see your post.....glad to also hear that the snow is melted and that the weather is better for you now. I hope it continues to be spring so you can enjoy it.

    So sorry about your mother having so many health issues. Some people smoke like freight trains and have always done so. My father in law smoked his entire life. I think he started around joke....he died when he was 71. I do not tolerate the smell either. I know when I worked around people who smoked I would have to come home and take off my clothes and get a shower and wash the smell out of my hair. I think it is hard on people who are not around it. They say 2nd hand smoke is really bad on people also.

    My older son smokes but not in my house. I really wish he would give up this ugly habit....but I try not to say much to him....(I have tried before).

    I hope you will feel better soon with better weather. I hope your back gets better soon. I am also still dealing with my lower back pain as well. Nothing seems to help but my heating pad.

    Take care and I hope you have a good week.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..

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