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How does weather effect you?
missist posted:
All day today I have felt like my head is pressing down on my neck. We've had clouds/overcast all day, but not much rain. Just now there is thunder and things look more menacing and just had a little down pour.

When I'm looking up at the sky --how I feel is that all those big heavy clouds are actually pressing me down, I'm just not feeling well-- stiffer, but its something else--my neck literally does get like a big lump behind neck/upper back-- its not always that way, but weather or stress can do it.

How does weather effect you? Is the sky your hat?
BetteK responded:

Any tiny bit of moisture or humidity gets to me. I do better on those bitter cold January days when most people are feeding their humidifiers several times a day. It can be way below zero, and I feel pretty darn good.

Then comes spring with rainy, damp weather. Ouch! Unfortunately, summer has been bad for me too lately. As soon as the house (or yard or car) gets over 72 degrees, I start to get dizzy, disoriented, nauseated, and just miserable.

I think all of us are effected and affected by the weather. It just treats us all differently. Did you know that many people with migranes are worse beginning right before a storm? It seems to be the barometric pressure. Do you have something like Excedrin Migrane or a Rx med to take on those days? I find that the Excedrin works pretty well for me.
When I think about it in time, I take some an hour or so before the shower. Sometimes I avoid a migrane that way. Getting rid of one takes a few hours. I have found that I do better with taking the second dose--even if the headache is a little beter by then--because there are fewer aftereffects if I take that later dose too.

Hope this gives you some help. We never seem to know what will work for us until we try.

BetteK (who began this journey with FM in 1972)
missist replied to BetteK's response:
I'm not sure its ok to take excedrin--I'm on celebrex.. I do remember back when I used to get headaches more I used to take a combination of excedrin and benadryl--to help me just rest and knock it out.

now I basically put my cervical soft collar on and wait for it to go away. that helps cuz it takes some of the weight off my neck.

I also wear a light sweater vest that is loose and keeps my back warm but doesn't weigh down my arms. crazy old lady stuff and I'm only 54.

but I've been an old lady now since I was about 25.
BetteK replied to missist's response:
YOU'RE RIGHT! You cannot add Excedrin to Celebrex. Sorry!

But there are Rx meds that you may be able to use. Some of them can actually prevent a migrane. Some of them can shorten them and make them less painful.

Sorry you cannot ust the Excedrin. Almost all of us have at least some meds we cannot take. (For me, it's the antidepressants most docs start us on. I can't urinate when I take them. Ouch!) A few of us cannot take any meds at all.
That must be disheartening. But those are the members who have the best self-help, commonsense ideas like heating pads. For us, necessity is the mother of---great ideas in better living.


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