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    TGIF***Roll Call ***5/3/2013***
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily...MiMi in NC where it is 50* and the sun is shining...and most of all it is dry. I am thankful for this...I did wake up too early but was able to drift back to sleep for a bit which did help the way I felt earlier.

    TGIF***I am thankful that the week-end is here. So much going on this week. Lots of stress for me and I think we all know what stress can do to us. It is not a good thing at all.

    Here is hoping each of you had a good week and I hope this week-end will be a good one for all of us as well.

    Cory, as I watched the weather I wondered whether or not you got even more bad weather with lots of snow. I am glad to hear that you did not. I hope it will continue to be spring like weather for you so that you can enjoy nice weather. I also hope that you can rest and feel better soon. Sorry that you have had such a rough week also.

    My older son went to watch my granddaughter play ball last night and she was excited to see him there. She told him she would see him today. I am sure this week-end will be a good one for her since it is her first week-end of staying overnight. She has an early ballgame tomorrow morning. I am sure the time will fly by for her and it will then be a very long time for her before the next visit. She gets to come every other week-end now plus a few other special days off and on.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. It does take a trial and error process to figure out what the right combination of tools will actually help the way you feel. So hang in here and learn all you can from what others have found to help them. You should also remember though that what helps one may or may not help another. We are all different. You should allow though at least 6-8 weeks of doing whatever you choose before making a decision as to whether or not it is working for you, unless of course, it is making you sicker.

    Vitamin very important for a lot of people these days. Just getting out in the sunshine makes the body feel better to me. Having the warm sunshine helps the way I always has though. I can remember getting out in the sunshine when I was younger and enjoying the weather. Do your on research on Vitamin D and how it just might help, especially if your level is low.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have a good Friday.


    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    Happy Friday!
    Over cast day here. Looks kind of gloomy. The weekend is going to be nice. I am looking forward to that. Mimi I am so excited about your granddaughter getting to stay all weekend. I know she will love it!

    Cory, I am glad to see warmer weather has finally made it to you. I live in Florida so I actually dread the warmer weather coming. It gets so hot and humid here. Even in the spring. Lucily it has been pretty so far this year.

    We are celebrating my niece's birthday tomorrow. She is turning 35. She thinks she is now old! I just hugged her and smiled when she said she was old now. We are all meeting at our favorite resturant. I think it will be a fun time.

    I hope all have a wonderful weekend. Please take time to do something nice for yourself. You all deserve it!

    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    missist responded:
    Hi Mimi and all that follow.

    We have 59 at the moment. It was sunny a little earlier but there are also lots of clouds and the sun seems to be hiding now.

    To me, 59 is still kind of chilly and I have the heat going for the time being-- no doubt I'll turn if off later.

    I've been changing my routine-- instead of shower I now take a little hot bath each morning. It seems to help relax my nerves--as I have been getting that buzzy humming in my head again, so I notice if I take a bath it goes away for a while. My dr said it is from my nervous system and that I have anxiety for that too--so I am trying to not be stressed.

    Easier said than done, but I don't have anything real stressful going on just now, but seems my body manufactures it. LOL

    Mimi, I'm still praying for ya- so hope things are more peaceful soon.

    I have a lot to do right now-- still have plants to get pot up, and need to clean my house well and I'd like to work on some decor things to make for my house but have a couple of etsy orders I need to finish up before I can do my own thing. I would like to make some paintings and wood items for my walls. First one I want to do is some paintings for my guest bathroom--it has unusual colorful plaid wall paper so I am going to make a few paintings for it using the colors but it will be paintings with potted plants and birds-- so different.

    Now that I'm in there bathing every morning I have noticed more that it needs some decorating.

    Most of my pain has really just about disappeared with the new meds but I still have a stiff neck, some mild problems with lower back. And I still have on and off buzzing in my head--which can get quite loud sometimes. Also my neck often feels as if it is just pushed down too much--so I 'm planning to get my traction device out and start doing traction on my neck again-- I have pretty bad degenerative disc in my neck so I had pt and traction and bought a little machine to use when it acts up.

    Anyhow so that's my issues lately.

    Hope all of you have a fairly nice day and a great weekend!
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening everyone. I am sorry if I sometimes appear to ramble, I do struggle with my emotions sometimes. I still think of you all every day. Today was a double whammy, I was a wreck from the hellish work week. I was in a lot of pain from not having enough recovery following a 16hr shift Wednesday. Now, today I was a mess. I had to work but they were kind and I left at noon. The kicker was that the cold came back at 28 degrees and sleet and rain. This is the weather that makes my body scream. Deep breaths once again.

    Tomorrow I will have all 4 of my siblings, their children, and my mom over for dinner. We keep it lower stress by doing a pot luck. I will grill come snow or sleet! We are long overdue to be together. One of the many things my late grandmother taught me it's that no matter how small your house is, there is room to keep a family together.

    It is cold and wet today but no accumulating snow! It was briefly warm but it is supposed to be warmer next week. If we are in the 50's that is warm to us, at least as of late.

    My long standing attempt to help my wife understand my pain is slowly working out. I do understand that pain is relative to the recipient, and that it can't be seen other than in expressions. She has 2 years of school left starting in August. If all goes well I someday have options. By that I mean that I may not have to do brutal factory work and settle into a less physical job. Until then I press on.

    Mimi, the big lake can be a huge factor in the weather, it changes the patterns when they hit the water. 5 miles from town the temp can be 25 degrees different. In the summer it's cooler by the lake and in winter it's warmer. All affected by the water temp that maintains about 56-8 degrees all year if I recall. I wish only the best for your family.

    Debbie, as stated, we had a taste of the warm air, it will come back in a few days. Your niece is at the fulcrum. I am now 38, and although still young, for me I thought a lot more of time and age after 30. It's not that I am old, just matured enough to not feel like a kid anymore.

    Mary, paintings can make a room. They completely set the whole mood for it. I am blessed to have many of my grandmothers artwork in almost every room of the house.

    That is all for this eve, take care everyone.

    BetteK replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    Hi, darn it! Another beautiful day spent in bed reading. Everything connedted with my spine hurts if I sit or stand, so I don't. It's such a shame to waste the wonderful springlike days like this, but you do what you have to.

    Monday, I drive 100 miles to Buffalo to see the dermatologist. I had recurrent basal cell carcnoma on my face and get my skin checked every year. If I can force myself, I'll go to a mall where they have a Spirit shoe store and get this year's sneakers. You don't find the double wide sizes everywhere, and I prefer to try them on rather than order them.

    MiMi, I'll say it again. You are so lucky to have your grand-
    daughter back near you. It's wonderful that she has an active, full life too. Kids who are playing team sports learn a lot and have fun doing it. Lucky girl. Lucky you.

    Debbie, hope your over the hill niece has a wonderful birthday. Please tell her that I was 37 when I started college. I went from full time farmwife to full time student and part time wife and mother.

    Mary, you sound so marvelously creative. It's great that you've found a soothing way to start the day in your bath. Sorry about the neck. It does put a damper on things, doesn't it? I love the tub for my low back and the shower for my neck, so I choose by what hurts most.

    Cory, you're so right about the lakes. We're right on the PA line and just far enough from L. Erie so we don't usually get too much lake effect. The poor people a few miles closer get clobbered! However, we're in what the weatherman calls "the higher valleys" and get late frosts in spring and early ones in fall. One year the only frost free month was July. The only things that matured were lettuce and radishes. Hope you get to enjoy your time with the family. Pot luck is a wonderful way to spread the work out. Try to get some rest and relaxation in too! You deserve it.

    I'm trying to get in shape to make that Monday trip. I usually look forward to it and often bring a girlfriend along to hit the mall and get a great lunch, but the state my back's in right now, I really have to be religious about flexerill every 8 hours and maintaining the heating pads. Hopefully, the flare will be gone by Monday morning.

    Have a great Saturday and Sunday, and pray for me on Monday.

    Wolfsong452 responded:
    well guess I"m late, checking in for Fri. oh well,

    I'm at least here,

    had a beginning rough week, but I think it's more my fault binging on pizza, along with being jealous of time Boyfriend can't spend with me. I went from a very good high to a down in the dumps boo hoo, it's amazing what you can communicate via text message. Some how he knew I'd crashed.
    No more binging on pizza, I know that didn't help my mood.

    Along with being Jealous of the time he can't spend with me. Either with his kids, or work,

    BF was kind enough since he knew I had crashed Tues. night, that he didn't tell me he was going on a short road trip, from Indianapolis to Ft. Wayne, to pick up a bird.

    he comes bringing this bird over my house around 1 pm.

    I told him he should have told me he was going, AS it would have done wonders for my mood mostly just by spending time with him.. Whether my mood was from FM or crashing on carbs.

    parrot is a real sweet heart, walked up my arm and asked for head scratches by rubbing his head on my shoulder.

    funny when I sat the bird on the back of the rocking chair, it started bee bopping,; totally funny, while I was chatting with BF and getting some cuddle time, the bird disappeared, so away we had to go and find it,

    He'd got into the bath tub, guess it wanted a shower, after getting it out of the shower it headed for my bedroom, running down the hallway, yes, birds can run, it could fly, but guess running was more fun. and they can run fast!

    Finally caught the little devil trying to climb up into one of my house plants, he was gnawing away on the plastic pot.

    silly silly bird, it had us in riots. The bird heard my canaries and finches behind a locked door, oh my goodness, you should have heard the screeching, bird wanted in there, the finches etc. was screeching back.

    hee hee.

    so even though BF didn't take me with him to pick up the bird, and we had only a couple of hours to be together, chasing that darn bird around the house more than made up for it.

    Darn bird kept wanting cuddle time at the same time I wanted cuddle time.

    Every have a fight with a cat or dog, wanting to share cuddle time with your hubby etc.

    try it with a parrot! darn bird would get on the back of the sofar and start chewing on your hair, or give you little nibbles on the ear.

    yes, the bird was doing this!

    oh what fun, I told BF he had to bring the bird over more often!

    I'm still in a good mood now, even though I haven't seen BF since Wed. and have only barely talked or texted him since then.
    fibroinsd replied to Wolfsong452's response:
    Well...Wolfsong..I am in later than you...didn't make it until...sat....but it was worth waiting..what a story !

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    Wolfsong452 replied to fibroinsd's response:
    well now I'm checking in late for Sat. oh well,

    yes, I was slightly upset that boyfriend didn't take me with him, but seeing the interacting with that darn bird was a riot. I told BF he had to bring the bird over time he comes, it was a lot of fun.
    debrabrooks1960 replied to Wolfsong452's response:
    Dear Wolfsong,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story on the bird! I had such a good laugh imaging you chasing the bird, and the part of trying to cuddle had me laughing hard! That is going to be a wonderful memory for you to think back on when times are bad. I may even have to think on it when I feel bad just to give myself a laugh! Once my two year niece (she is now 35) wanted to cuddle as I wanted to cuddle with my boyfriend. She would not leave us alone at all. She would point her little finger at us and tell us that kissing was not allowed! She was so adorable getting jealous that I was giving someone else kisses and hugs that she thought was should be her's!

    Thanks again for sharing,
    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.

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