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    Breast pain and fibromyalgia is there a conection?
    angelkidwiler posted:
    I am 32 and was told at the age of 15 that i had Fibro. I have pain everywhere that can be imagain. I can't concintrait i have memory trouble. And now I am having breast pain on top of all the other pain. I had a mammogram and ultrasound and everything is normal. But a friend asked me "could it be from your Fibro"? So I need to know is it part of it? If you can help me I would forever be grateful!!!
    Anon_2912 responded:
    I think any unexplained pain is going to be attributed to Fibro.

    What does your doctor say?

    Fibro has over 100 symptoms so most likely that is what you will be told if all the tests (consiering they did do all the tests necessary to rule out other things) come back normal.

    Is it just one or both? Are you a caffeine drinker?
    missist replied to Anon_2912's response:
    Hi , yes it can be. Now-- don't feel hopeless though. When I was your age I had pain every place imagineable too--and it was a lot of pain-- I'm 54 now and most of the pain is gone--I do still have some and it isn't as bad as it was then. I had a sort of remission for a while--in which I only have a couple symptoms.
    It did come back but still not with the kind of pain I had back then. Now I have just a few areas that hurt and it is tolerable with meds. However I have other symptoms that I wish would go away--on and off depression/mood issues, anxiety, fatigue.

    Its treatable-- not perfectly fine--but way better than back in the day.
    missshortyd replied to missist's response:
    Breast pain is a part of fibro. Mine are sore all the time and very painful to touch wearing a bra is torture.

    nanaberg2013 replied to missshortyd's response:
    Drs are not associating breast pain or dental pain with fibrous myalgia so insurance co won't I can't go without a bra yet wearing one hurts I need a breast job and it needs to be covered by insurance co as medically necessary
    BetteK responded:

    Your breast pain could be fibromyalgia. It could also be a bunch of other things.
    • Is the pain something that comes the same time of your menstrual cycle each month?
    • Are you on birth control pills or other hormone therapy? These substances are know to make some women experience breast swelling and pain.
    • Are you a very large-breasted woman? Large breasts are heavier, sag more without a bra, and therefore pull more on chest muscles. (This and back/shoulder pain are why breast reduction is considered medically necessary while enlargement is considered cosmetic.)
    Please talk to your gynecologist about this. (I'd choose a woman, myself.)

    Fibromyalgia can effect any muscles in the body. Even the ones on our chest. But you have to be sure that it is not something else--something more easily treated.

    Hope this helps,


    booch007 responded:

    I had ths....the nipples were so painful, I couldn't touch my breasts..I went for a full work up and the doc is saying " well there is no fungus infection" I already knew that I looked fine.

    Not swollen, not red, no discharge....and the breasts were killing me...

    The answer: There were muscle trigger points in the muscles right under the clavicles tot he chest!! My neurologist injected them and I have never had the pain again.

    If you want to try and massage the muscles in the shower (hot shower and use soap to make you slippery, and rub the muscle above , see if there is tenedness there and that is where to concentrate.

    You may want to buy the book i reccomend " FM and myofascial Pain a Survival Manual, by Dr Devin Starlanyl. It has tips on treating this. I was lucky I mentioned it to the neurologist I use for therapy and she knew right away where it was coming from.

    I am more a Chronic Myofascial Pain then a FM person, but our war is the same in so many ways.

    That was tough pain as I remeber it too.

    Good luck, Nancy B (posted without a spell check)

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