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day 5 hospital
dakotaspirit1957 posted:
seems nothing they can even come up in this hospital seems to work........ but then i haven't really been addressed with the word FM here much... I have mentioned it a couple of times as to the reason I was sleeping uncontrollably..

.Of course they thought I was on too much pain killer... Until the nurse was kind enough to mention I hadn't asked for any for over 11 hours... More like I should be receiving those for I am late on all... Probably withdrawl again from the ones I am suppose to take steade every 8 hours... I like her... too bad they can't have her sleep here I could use the company...

she did stop by today to see if i was still here and getting my meds right... i think so...... and they put my pain meds back to the way the way they were suppose to be... as ordered by my pain management instead of what they thought I needed...... i am still in pain but so what... nothing new there... I finally got atleast 1 dr to believe there's just too much damage in me to actually ever be totally pain free... unless you make me brain dead... lol lol thanks,... they claim i was acting close enough to that again this past week... no thanks... they still look at me funny and ask me dumb questions...

i guess i have a few things to do when i get out... they say a couple very important... something about a lump on my thyroid... to me i thought that might be important enough for here... insurance...yeh.... keep me here to fix a slow axxe problem and let a critical one wait til later but get to it immediately ... crazy world......

well... guess i forgot to mention i am still in the hospital... no sclerosis of my liver... but it wasn't a firm picture to tell but it might be fatty... still making me sick... but they haven't ere and i still don't know what that means;;... my sugars are still nuts and don't like their systems any better then mine,,, think that is mostly why i am still here...still waiting one 1 more dr to show up to tell me to go see my regular ged..... that's what the others have been doing...

I am getting tired again... tire easy and earlier earlie hour...

take care my friends... love you all... Jan/Dakota
xperky responded:
Hi Jan. I wish you were well enough to go home already. It's nice, though, that you have one nurse that seems to listen and care. Sorry you are so tired. I guess your body is fighting to get back in order and rest is required.

Healthy wishes!
With Compassion,

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